Nigeria doesn’t have Coronavirus, Politicians using it to eat Money – Pastor Ibiyeomie


The Senior Pastor of a Port-Harcourt based Church, Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie has said that the Coronavirus Pandemic is not in Nigeria.

The controversial pastor, in a recent sermon, disclosed that Coronavirus was not in Nigeria adding that the government was using the ‘pandemic’ as an excuse to ‘collect money’.

“I told the people, what is Coronavirus? Coronavirus is only a virus that is Corona. People are making noise about Coronavirus. To me, it’s rubbish. Malaria, did we make noise about malaria?”

“Malaria kills more people in Nigeria than Coronavirus. Everyday people die of malaria. So what are we talking about Coronavirus, closing border up and down for what?”

“Nigeria does not even have it. I don’t think Nigeria has it.” he said.

Ibieyomei also referenced comments by Raymond Dokpesi, Owner of AIT and Daar Communications, who said he was given Malaria drugs when he was being treated for COVID-19 in an isolation centre.

“Because you’ve heard Dokpesi, he said that they say he had it, it’s malaria tablet they gave him. So, if it’s Coronavirus, why will they give him malaria tablet?”

“Nigeria, they’re using it to eat money, eat money. Governors eat money, corporations eat money, they tell lies, they’ll take money from federal aid. Government, they’ll take money from aid…”

“In Nigeria, the people who have it, I don’t think they are up to the number they’re calling. The number they’re calling, I don’t think it’s the number. When one person has high temperature, fever, they’ll say ‘it’s Corona, quarantine him’.” he stated.

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