Nigerian passport among the worst in the world, ranks 10th globally

The Nigerian passport has been identified as one of the world’s least favourable travel documents, ranking 10th from the bottom out of 199 countries.

 With a score of 191, the Nigerian passport is ahead of only a handful of other nations, including North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia.

The ranking is according to findings from the VisaGuide World Passport Index.

Several factors, including visa-free access, diplomatic relations, and security concerns, contribute to the Nigerian passport’s low ranking. 

The assessment also takes into account visa-free travel, electronic travel authorization, visa on arrival, e-visas, embassy-approved visas, passport-free travel, and banned entry.

In contrast, Singapore holds the top position with the strongest passport globally, boasting a score of 91.06 as of April 2024. This is followed by passports from Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, rounding out the top five.

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