Nigerian pastor reveals terrifying vision about Nnamdi Kanu


An Enugu-based preacher, Evangelist Victor Nwaogu, has revealed that he dreamt that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was ‘shot in the chest’ by Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of State Services (DSS).

According to Nwaogu, the Nigerian government plans to sentence Kanu to death, but ‘they now adopted delay method in order to allow President Muhammadu Buhari finish his remaining two years’.

Enugu pastor

Nwaogu claimed that part of the vision he saw was that pressure came from across the world, which forced the Buhari administration to put an end to Kanu’s case, with the Nigerian separatist leader emerging victorious and “given Biafra flag instantly”.

But Nwaogu says Kanu would be shot, and a war ensued in Nigeria.

“I told people around me what I saw in my dream yesterday concerning nnamdi KANU,” Nwaogu wrote in an update shared to a pro-Biafra Facebook group on Saturday.

“Nigeria govt have no evidence to sentence to him to death which is all they wanted. They now adopted delay method in other to allow buhari finish his remaining 2yrs.however, pressure from allover the world pushed them to finalize his case in which nnamdi KANU won and was giving Biafra flag instantly.something happened, immediately nnamdi KANU worked out of the Court room to meet with the great biafran crowd jubilating, as he raised the biafran flag Nigerian DSS instantly shot him on the immediately a serious bloody war erupted allover the country.

“So, I began to pray and cry to God to save nnamdi KANU and save us from crying on that beautiful day we are suppose to rejoice.”

Nnamdi Kanu news

Rearrested Kanu has been campaigning for an independent state called Biafra in south-eastern Nigeria.

Kanu is currently facing charges of “criminal conspiracy, intimidation and membership of an illegal organisation” – offences that could amount to treason.

The plan for a Biafra state is not new.
In 1967, Igbo leaders declared a Biafran state, but after a brutal civil war, which led to the deaths of up to a million people, the secessionist rebellion was defeated.
Kanu is the latest in a line of ethnic Igbo activists taking up the cause of pushing for an independent state, saying the Igbos have been marginalised by successive Nigerian governments.

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  1. Abiodun, if you are writing anything like this, please don’t edit history because many people will read your work years later.
    For instance, you wrote that Igbo leaders declared Biafra in 1967. That was a wrong assertion. The 1967 war was not declared by Igbo leaders rather Eastern Nigerian elders who advised Ojukwu their Governor to declare Biafran Republic due to the massacre of Easterners in the Northern part of Nigeria.
    Secondly, it is on record that more than three (3m) million Easterners were murdered by the Nigerian Army. The victims were mainly Women and children especially males. Please write the correct information.

      1. Nigeria won the war. You people continue to deceive yourselves. Gowon saying no victor no vanquished said that to not make the shamed igbo race feel unbelonged. If the biafras didn’t lose how come they surrendered, how come the rebel leader ran to ivory coast leaving the idiots he deceived into the war bearing the consequences of their imbecility?



  4. Fulani government of Nigeria and so many other Nnamdi Kanu’s hater from the East, West, North and South, I have just one question for you. Is marriage by force? If the answer to this question is YES, let your will be done BUT if the correct answer is NO, then why are you fighting the wrong battle and the wrong person? Is it not to dominate and control the crude oil and other minerals resources from the whole South? You may have thought within yourselves that you killed an innocent Moshood Abiola and so many others and went scot free, their blood are still in your head and certainly you’ll pay heavily at the appointed time. However, If anything happen to Kanu and Igboho, your generation will be deleted from the history of mankind. Your Miyetti Allah, herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorist organization will not save you. You Bunch of illiterates, fools and blood sucking demons from the pit of hell shading innocent bloom like blood of chickens, your days are numbered.

  5. While the manner and approach of Nnamdi Kanu’s approach leaves much to be desired in pressing for an independent state of the Iboes away from Nigeria, the ruling party has obviously mismanaged the nation in a way that unity has taken its exit from the nation.

    Nnamdi Many may have omitted consensus building among the Iboe elders and elites though, to say that the desire for many Indeginous nationalities to take their exit from the sufficiently worn out state of the unitary Nigeria nation is not a genuine cry is calling black to be white.

    With injustice, continued oppression of the peoples under the Fulanis dominated government, impunity for the Fulanis’ criminals and, worse still, prompt response of Mr. Buhari in protection and welfare of the Fulanis -even when he had been known to be muted over many national issues have all caused us a serious concern about Nigeria unity.

    This is time to discuss the peaceful end of 1914 forced marriage and formulate an optional means of living together as neighbouring nations.

    1. Chief Awolowo advocated for the inclusion of secession clause in the constitution but Zik in his myopic and non intelligent view vehemently opposed it and even caused the former to be put under house arrest. Though the consequences of his shortsightedness is affecting everybody, I am happy that his people re in the state they are till date, nd they will remain like that, if not worse, till they kingdom come

  6. Well, Bihari and his men had better wear their thinking caps, so as to place themselves on the right part of history. He (Bihari) has a choice to either save Nigeria, or set it ablaze.

  7. UN security coursel refused to do their job, for how many years Igbos has been crying to be free from Nigeria,they are waiting to see blood flootin in the street, these time around, the blood they want to see, is not Igbo blood again, Igbo youts has been called
    Federal government of Nigeria to release Nnamdi kanu they keep adamant, Nigeria government should not excuse IPOB family and Igbo youths to remember Nnamdi Kanu’s letter to IPOB family 2018.
    If any thing bad happen to Nnamdi Kanu in the hands of Nigeria government,that is the time Nigeria and their brothers Britain, will know that Igbo youths has the mind to destroy

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