Nigerians attack El-rufai for threatening to ‘Gang-Rape’ a mother [PHOTOS]


Bello El-rufai, a son of Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-rufai has faced severe criticisms from Nigerians for threatening to ‘gang-rape’ a Twitter user’s mother.

The younger El-rufai in a private message to a twitter user threatened to sexually assault his mother over a political disagreement. POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that the whole incident started after a Twitter user, @thanos_zer, disagreed a tweet posted the previous night by El-Rufai, describing it as ‘hypocritical’.

“There is nothing as radioactive as an incompetent leader during a time of crisis,” Mr El-Rufai tweeted after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. “The United States of America is a case in point. A few states in Nigeria too.”

In response to the tweet, @thanos_zer what Bello thought about Nigeria’s President, Buhari, who has been criticised as an “absentee” leader for his sparse public appearances and briefings

“How about the absentee president in Nigeria?,” @thanos_zer wrote.

In response, Mr El-Rufai said he was sure that @thanos_zer would be from the South-east and his state governor would be grossly incompetent.

Again, @thanos_zer responded, saying: “I don’t shield anyone who’s inept. I can’t say the same about you. You’re daddy’s boy and of course, nobody attacks the finger that feeds them. Buhari’s ineptitude is mind-blowing. Yes, I said it and you’re not going to make me disappear!”

Bello then rained a barrage of insults at the twitter user. In a tweet on Sunday, he posted sexual innuendos against @thanos_zer’s mother, saying he was aware of her “mind-blowing” sexual capabilities.

In another offensive tweet laced with sexual vulgarity, Bello tweeted at 11:02 a.m. that he had also learnt of sexual exploits of @thanos_zer’s grandmother.

About an hour after the public disagreement ended, @thanos_zer posted a screenshot that contained a threat which Bello sent to him as a private message. The younger El-rufai disclosed intentions to ‘gang-rape’ his detractor’s mother.

Nigerians React

The incident generated a whirlwind of reactions on the social media platform with many calling for Bello’s prosecution. Some Twitters even dragged Mrs. El-rufai, Bello’s mother, into the matter, asking her to condemn her son’s actions. She tweeted;

“The point I tried to make is for people not to @me. Why should they? Responding to insults on twitter is fair. I stand by that. I had not gone through the tweets because it’s really none of my business, so didn’t know the details. He’s an adult not a child, after all.” she wrote.

A twitter user, @keljykz2 condemned Elrufai’s actions;

“Bello El rufai is little boy who has never worked for anything in his life…i wonder why you bothered engaging him. Bro dont even sweat over someone who doesn’t know the price of the car he drives….enjoy your Easter abeg and leave thrash for LAWMA”

A former Minister, Oby Ezekwesili also demanded an apology from the 32-year-old, She wrote;

Another twitter user @ELBINAWI wrote;

“What do you expect from these genocidal barbarians? The husband of this woman,
@elrufai buried Shia children alive in mass graves according to the comprehensive report of the London-based
@amnesty on #ZriaGenocide.

This underlined the fact how wicked these bloodthirsty killers”


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