Nigerians mock Buhari over wrong pronunciation of Coronavirus


After heavy criticism from the public, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari eventually spoke on Coronavirus on Sunday.

The broadcast was the first time Mr Buhari will be speaking since the first outbreak of the virus in Nigeria.

During the address, Mr Buhari said: “We are working with [Federal] Ministry of Health on protecting our citizens from ‘covik-one-nine’ virus, as a government, this is now a key priority for us.

”Following the wrong pronunciation of the COVID-19, Nigerians took to Twitter to lambast the president.

Another user tweeted;

Aisha Yusufu, co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls campaign group, expressed displeasure over the content of the message delivered by the President.

“He is working with the Ministry of Health? Are you sure Buhari still knows he is President? Anyway, those who said he shouldn’t address how do they feel? Finally, this address is adequately inadequate! Let him do one in Hausa. We will translate”, she tweeted.

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  1. Where are those fools who argued that the delay in presidential address has nothing to do with INDICIPHERABILITY. Lets keep managing him,its just a matter of 3years more and we will come out of this whole rubbish.

  2. @ all those who speak ill of my dearest president,is it his speech or the coronavirus that is your problem?
    a fool will always remain a fool forever
    think before you talk

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