Nigerians react as Yahaya Bello volunteers to lead #EndSARS Protesters


Several Nigerians on Social media have reacted to Governor Yahaya Bello’s interest in leading the #EndSARS protesters. Bello, in a televised broadcast on Monday, volunteered to represent the protesters, vowing to make sure that their demands were met.

Speaking on AIT, he said; “I volunteer to be the leader that will push down all of their demands and make sure it is met.”. He also revealed that he plans to march with youths from Kogi to Abuja on the 24th of October.

His comments were not received well as many citizens wasted no time in expressing their rejection. Below are tweets from different Nigerians on  the development;

@Osigbodi_ wrote “Yahaya Bello yet again proves that only he has the monopoly of stupidity”

@Mrchikay wrote; “No sensible person will see yahaya bello and take him serious, Buhari doesn’t take the youths serious or he thinks the youths are joking around that’s why he sent a clown to come and volunteer himself to represent the youths. #EndSARS”

@SodiqTade; “Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kogi. Having Yahaya Bello as the State Governor and Buhari as President is the height of political depression. This too shall pass.”

“Yahaya Bello wants to lead End Sars protest. Lol He must have mistaken the movement for ‘thugs movement’.”

@Finestmayor wrote; “Yahaya Bello that is the number one SARS in Nigeria wants to lead protest,No way.kogi state youths are still coming for you”

@emmaikumeh wrote: “Yahaya Bello said he will volunteer to be a leader in the #EndSARS protest , since we don’t have a leader. He also said he will be matching with youths from kogi State to Abuja to meet with president on the 24th of Oct. I have never seen a more stupid person like yahaya Bello”


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