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Nigerians scale down on extravagant weddings as economic hardship bites harder

Nigerians are cutting back on non-essential expenses, leading to a noticeable shift in wedding celebrations.

According to a report, traditionally extravagant and lavish wedding receptions are being replaced by simpler, more intimate gatherings as couples and their families adapt to the harsh economic climate.

The economic landscape in Nigeria, characterized by devalued naira and high inflation rates, has made it increasingly difficult for couples to justify the substantial costs associated with traditional large-scale weddings. 

Expenses for venue rentals, catering, decorations, and entertainment are becoming untenable, prompting many to reconsider their wedding plans.

Many newlyweds now prefer to host modest receptions at their wedding venues, eliminating the need for separate, costly events. 

Taofeek Yekeen, an academic from Oyo, told Business Day: “While socializing is important, newlyweds must avoid incurring debts that could burden their new lives together.” 

Elijah Adebayo, a Reverend Canon and professor, stated: “Cutting out a reception can save significant costs, which can be used for starting a new life, enjoying a honeymoon, and avoiding post-wedding debt.” 

Kingsley Adu, who recently opted for a wedding without a reception, explained that it was a mutual decision with his wife.

“We avoided the hassle and expense of booking a hall. We simply served food at the church, and that was it,” he said, noting that this approach is becoming increasingly accepted.

On her part, Meg Irozuru, an experienced events planner from Abuja, noted that while elaborate weddings still occur, there is a growing trend towards more efficient resource management. 

“Portion control and minimizing waste are becoming standard practices,” she said.

Anita Chigozie, a recent wedding guest, observed stricter adherence to invitation lists, ensuring that only close family and friends attend. 

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