Night of tributes: Aliko Dangote burst into tears, names refinery road after late Herbert Wigwe

In a heart-wrenching tribute, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, struggled to hold back tears as he paid homage to the late CEO of Access Holdings Group, Dr. Herbert Wigwe.

Dangote, surrounded by a gathering of private sector professionals, described Wigwe as a visionary and perfectionist, expressing deep sorrow at losing his friend and mentee.

Dangote reminisced about Wigwe’s transformative impact on the banking sector, breaking records and reshaping the industry.

The emotional tribute highlighted Wigwe’s philanthropic endeavours, emphasising the lasting legacy he leaves behind.

Dangote, visibly moved, acknowledged Wigwe as a pillar of strength for himself and his businesses, going above and beyond in support.

The renowned businessman shared personal anecdotes, revealing that Wigwe played a crucial role in navigating challenges as Dangote’s organisation expanded.

Expressing gratitude, Dangote announced a poignant gesture to immortalise Herbert Wigwe by naming a significant road in his major refinery and petrochemical project after the late CEO.

He said that out of the total road network, the largest stretch will bear the name Herbert Wigwe, which will serve as a lasting tribute to his memory.

“To immortalise my beloved friend, my brother, and my mentee, I have actually decided to name our major refinery and petrochemical road.

“Out of the 120 kilometres, the biggest road will now be named Herbert Wigwe,” he said.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and ex-American President Bill Clinton joined numerous mourners in paying heartfelt tributes to Dr. Herbert Wigwe.

Wigwe tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash on February 9, along with his wife, Chizoba, and son, Chizi.

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