Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest: No human rights violation – IHRC absolves Nigeria, Kenya


The International Human Rights Commission has stated that there was no human rights violation in the events leading to the re-arrest of the fugitive leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

POLITICS NIGERIA gathered that the commission, based in Geneva, has admitted receiving no fewer than 25 petitions from individuals and groups worldwide in respect Mr. Kanu, who was recently re-arrested and repatriated to Nigeria to face trial over alleged treasonable felony.

The International human rights body said in a statement dated July 7, 2021 disclosed that a majority of the petitions, which came from Nigeria, urged it to conduct an independent inquiry into human rights violations and possible breaches to established international and regional diplomatic protocols.

The statement which was signed by the IHRC’s Special Envoy for Africa Region, Evans M. Mutavi, and International President for Kenya revealed that an independent investigation was carried out on the matter and it was discovered that there was no violation of Nnamdi Kanu’s human rights in the events leading to his re-arrest and repatriation to Nigeria.

“The IHRC is committed to safeguarding the rights of citizens across the globe in line with the organization’s core mandate,” the agency said.

“The commission upon investigation is unable to establish a case of human rights violation of Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya by the special Police Forces.The Commission is convinced that the Kenyan Government played no official role in the event that led to Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest.”

“The Commission expects the Nigerian Government to follow up the trial of Nnamdi Kanu in line with the country’s laws and respect to human rights.”

“The commission has resolved to monitor the trial of Nnamdi Kanu to ensure his human rights are not violated by the Nigerian Government,” the IHRC stated.

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  1. Nnamdi kanu will be jailed. For the hand of the lord is upon him. He boast too much and blasphem. He has no respect for elders and leaders, even men of God. He is selfish and full of greed. It’s the lord that made it possible for his arrest. His hands are stained with the blood of innocent soldiers and police officers working according to orders, and of the men and women who were killed in the struggle. The lord will not hold him guiltless. He will be find guilty and jailed. This is the word of the lord for whosoever is concern.

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