“There’s no difference between Unknown Gunmen and Boko Haram” – Pro-Biafra group leader

Leader of the Biafra Nations League (BNL), Princewill Chimezie Richards, on Tuesday said the so-called ‘Unknown Gunmen’ are the same as Boko Haram terrorists and killer herdsmen.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Richards was reacting to the recent brutal beheading of an Army couple in Imo State by criminals.

He also condemned the recording of the dastardly act, and subsequent circulation online.

The separatist leader expressed his displeasure with south-south and southeast youths, saying they have “started reasoning like the same Fulani we are accusing of every crime in the region”.

Read Richards’ full post below:

The killing of the two couple who were said to be members of the military by suspected criminal elements who parade as unknown gunmen is highly condemnable, their offense to me is because they’re serving officers, those who killed them would have provided another job for them so they could have quit. Worst is doing video where they were killing them, it shows that no difference between these guys and Boko Haram and Fulani killer herdsmen, because that’s exactly how terrorists execute their killings, and we have to accept that some Igbo youths are now terrorists.

Not even the Igbo lady was pardoned, is very painful and I’m highly annoyed because that lady is from Nkwerre.

I’m wondering when our youths started reasoning like the same Fulani we are accusing of every crime in the region, at least a Fulani man will spare his brother or sister.

That lady might be sympathizer of the Igbo cause, she might be even supporting Biafra in one way or the other, a lot of our people in Nigeria military are secretly supportive, they won’t show it publicly, if you had wanted them to resign their work you provide another work for them, because there’s no work in Nigeria now and the South East is worst, ordinary food items we cannot afford money to buy in the East, everything is high, you ban Hausa food items but you cannot bring down the prices of your own, we are wicked to ourselves in Biafraland, note that nobody is ready to be idle and become devil’s workshop like some of these hungry criminals.

Many of you supporting these killings in Igboland today is because it hasn’t come to you or your relation have not been affected, you will soon start regretting, for those that justify every killing by gunmen even when innocent civilians are killed.

I saw this coming from the beginning of the gunmen activities in Igboland, and I made a post asking who their sponsors are, what’s their mission and motives since they have been denied by IPOB, even though we see some doing video that they’re fighting for Biafra, and some fools I have as friends, worst of it were friends I know very well started reasoning like imbeciles, and of course I decided to park them one side, because I don’t mingle with people who can’t reason, they’re just celebrating every killing because they thinks it affects Buhari, and some people who would later tag them DSS and Police are the same hypocrites that will be celebrating online.

Today in Igboland you can’t do ceremony without gunmen invading and killing people. We have recorded such cases in Anambra where gunmen attacked mourners during burial ceremony and the surprising thing is that it is not on the so called sit at home day. They will go to where our people are gathered doing voters registration, instead of to disperse them with gunshots as a sign of warning they kill the same people they claim to be fighting for, these criminal elements are not fighting for Biafra, anybody who kills his own person is evil, it means you will kill everybody in Biafraland. We must restore the respect, dignity, and the good name of Biafra that these criminals have dragged to the mud…our good name is depreciating, and we are loosing public sympathy.

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