“Nothing is working in Nigeria” – O’odua Nation agitators justify invasion of Oyo state

Several of the suspected O’odua Nation Agitators, arrested by the Oyo State Police Command over the invasion of the governor’s office and the Oyo State House of Assembly, have expressed no regrets for their actions.

They maintain that their activities were lawful under Nigeria and international law, citing a perceived right to self-determination for the Yoruba people.

Among them, Alabi Ogundeji, a 55-year-old lecturer, and Ademola Adeniyi, a 29-year-old phone repairer, asserted their belief in Yoruba autonomy and emphasized their commitment to the cause.

Ogundeji, a lecturer at Federal College of Education (Special), (SPED), Oyo, said he feels comfortable because he is on his right, adding that what he did was lawful under Nigeria law and international law.

He said: “I’m part of the agitation, and I can’t deny it: Yoruba as an indigenous nation is a nation on its own. We have so many nations in Nigeria, and Yoruba is one of them.

“O’odua Nation leaders have taken every step and action that needs to be taken. We have embarked on a referendum, which was the 500 petition signed by all Yorubas, and this served as a referendum.

“Our leadership went to all Yoruba-speaking states to serve officials letters written by our leaders, and we were given our own copy, after that was the proclamation, after that, declaration, occupation, and notification to the world that Yoruba is an indigenous nation.

“We were at the Secretariat to celebrate and rejoice because of the new nation that was born. It is not a new thing that Yoruba is a nation, and we want to stand on our own; we have been together with Nigeria for over 100 years.”

On his part, Adeniyi also said he didn’t regret his actions.

He said: “We all know that nothing is working in Nigeria, and things are hard for everyone except those in government; we were at the Secretariat waiting for our leader to come and address us.

“We believe our leader knows much about the law, so we are not afraid to join when we are called upon. Our leaders told us that all challenges Yorubas are facing shall be addressed if we achieve our aim.”

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