Obaseki breaks silence after forgiving popular Edo political enforcer, Tony Kabaka

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State on Tuesday in Benin said that he has no regrets forgiving popular political enforcer, Tony Adun, commonly known as Tony Kabaka.

Obaseki stated this while addressing leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in his Oredo Local Government Area of the state.

“Since last night, I have been hearing lots of comments that I gave cow and rice to Kabaka. I read some people who said they are my supporters and I felt bad. I say they are not my supporters,” Obaseki said.

“This is Christmas, we are celebrating Christ, the basis of our Christianity and religion. Before politics, we are human beings, so if we cannot show humanity, then we will not be humble politicians.

“If a grandfather can come out in the social media to beg for forgiveness, go to church and begged for forgiveness, who am I not to forgive the person.

“I am a mere mortal. I am governor today because of God, so if I now play God I am not sure God will forgive me,” he said.

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