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Ohanaeze Ndigbo condemns alleged killing of DSS personnel by IPOB members


Ohanaeze Ndigbo General Assembly Worldwide, the apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Nigeria, representing all Igbo communities in and outside Nigeria, rising from deep, due and diligent reflections on the socio-political and economic state of affairs in Nigeria, our country, avowedly, superlatively and supremely make this declaration at this point of the nation’s need, that we are the apex representatives of the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria at home and in Diaspora without any contestation from any other group whether known or unknown, familiar or alien, in existence or nonexistence;

That we, in strong terms, condemn the nefarious acts, plans and movements of the proscribed Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which has since formation ingloriously cast the Igbo people of Nigeria in bad light. Without mincing words, we have over the time observed the rude, repulsive and discourteous style with which IPOB has arranged and orchestrated its affairs in the name of Igbo ethnicity, something very foreign to known civilization as respectable people.

It is a well-known fact that Ndigbo being one of the advanced societies of Nigeria is gifted with tweaks of refinement against barbarism, good taste against acidity and morally admirable principles against vile and violence, therefore, the Igbo has always been looked upon as one of the most receiving societies of man’s society anthropologically

That with remorse and pang of guilt, we regret that Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB have won the average Igbo man anywhere and everywhere, a national and international nest of enmity, hostility and aggression, visiting us with unfathomable, indefinable and bottomless abhorrence, the magnitude of what remains unseen in our entire history of consciousness.

As a people once united in love, we are today left on the speculation of our survival which now exists in uncertainty wherever we are found as Ndi Igbo.

To this end, we invite every “Nwafor-Igbo” to committedly join us in the total fight and condemnation of IPOB and accompanying violent acts in the name of Igbo which has brought our ethnicity down to nothing but unmitigated shame and infamy.

It is sad that we, the Ohaneze Ndigbo have fallen in deep loss as to why and when a coeval of educated, civil and enlightened Igbo suddenly passed away to give room to the generational gap of youths on which the present crop now exists, selling deaths and other forms of danger perceived and artificially manufactured enemies of Igbo.

Our race is now endangered by the wild and undomesticated influence of Nnamdi Kanu and his political supporters in the name of Igbo nationalism.
Why able bodied youths and men who should be concerned about the success of themselves and their people will swing into destruction of lives of their people and properties in our sacrosanct Igbo name, is indeed a mystery and the harm already done us is growing in leaps and bounds.

Whereas Nnamdi Kanu recently directed his usual desperate overkill to our Anioma brothers in faraway Delta State, calling them fools over what he termed denials of their Igbo identity, he assumes the biggest reason for the near disintegration of the Igbo race and nationality that warrants the Anioma, Ikwerre, Onitsha and others to deny their Igboness, the pride of which is now becoming more corrosive in them.

As we, the Igbo ceaselessly count our losses in the hands of untamed Nnamdi Kanu and fellow instigated miscreants, we shall not fail to condemn the recent Enugu incident in which IPOB is alleged to have attacked and sent to early graves, several people including two DSS officers whose patrol team was on duty.

The August 23, 2020 unprovoked violent attacks on the DSS personnel in Emene, Enugu State is not only disturbing to us as members of Ohanaeze Ndigbo but clearly demonstrates further signs of bad times ahead for every legitimate Igbo son and daughter in and outside the country since IPOB wrongly goes in the name of Igbo.

Additionally, we raise the alarm that if IPOB is not stopped, a time will come when Igbo patriotism will completely corrode and our people will begin to jettison their Igbo surnames to feel free from viral bad image. We sound this alarm to our Igbo community especially our particular people who have had to keep clapping for the already outlawed Group, to understand that the implication of the acts of IPOB are rife with unexpected implications.

With melee and gunfire from IPOB filling the air and flowing blood every now and then, the time is coming when we may be forced to flee from our ancestral homeland by the violent IPOB.

Politically, we are worried that unless we come together to address the present IPOB situation, election into the exalted Presidential position of the nation may elude us yet again. As 2023 draws near, we stand on the age-long international relations mantra that seeks to illuminate that power is taken, not handed. This requires us to open our arms to others within and outside the country; and to also submit ourselves to a good relationship and connection with other nationalities in the larger Nigeria.

Consequently, we, the members of Ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly Worldwide, urge the nation’s security outfit to carry out a full-scale investigation into the incident and also put all measures in place to ensure that the killers of the DSS personnel and others who lost their lives in the dastardly act are speedily brought to book.

We pray for the repose of the souls of the military personnel and others who died in the incident and also condole with their families.

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  1. It’s very sad while the so-called IPOB Leader, Nnamdi KANU, is enjoying the comfort of a peaceful environment in UK with his family, his activities keep causing the loss of lives of young Igbo people including the two DSS officers who I learnt are Igbo. If he wants to fight a just cause, let him return home and also bring his wife and children to join the struggle. He has no known work in UK but only feeds fat from money contributed by already poor Igbo at home and diaspora. One day, history will judge him.

  2. Though l condame every form of loss of life and property, and it is like Ipob had upper hand in that emene incident in Enugu, but it was the security personnel that went to the scene violently. Next time before embacking on such operation, let them have a cordinated intelligence.

  3. Nnamdi Kanu is a Coward. Why did he run away and abandon his followers . Let him bring back his wife and children home to fight the Biafra cause, if he is genuine. Foolish people that killed their follow brothers in DSS.

  4. Ọhaneze is no body or group of people that can be taken very seriously. It’s a social networking group by fulani caliphate among us. Nobody knows them they are on their own as informants of the caliphate. They know about their purse and as well do the work of their masters in Abuja and sokoto. They are not for us. We only know NNAMDI KANU LEAD IPOB as the only group of concerned citizens protecting the entire Biafra population in the Eastern. region.

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