Oil Spillage in Eleme/Ogu Community of Rivers State Leads to Devastating Sight [PHOTOS]

Rivers State has been gripped by environmental distress caused by oil spills originating from pipelines owned by Shell Petroleum.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the latest incident has struck the Eleme Council area, raising alarm among residents and prompting urgent calls for action.

In a social media post accompanied by distressing photographs, a concerned user identified as @Connected_dev has appealed to Shell Petroleum to swiftly address the devastating repercussions of the spillage on the local ecosystem, community health, and livelihoods.

Expressing deep concern, the user wrote:


Immediate action is required to address the reported oil spillage in Eleme/Ogu Communities in Rivers State, originating from the Shell Trans Niger Pipeline!

Despite the severity of this spillage and the resulting environmental catastrophe,

Community members’ pleas to Shell have gone unanswered💔

We implore @Shell to promptly intervene and mitigate the dire consequences this spillage is inflicting upon the ecosystem, health, and livelihoods of affected communities.

Furthermore, we call upon the Federal Government of Nigeria, @NigeriaGov, to comprehensively review and strengthen existing regulations pertaining to oil spill prevention, response, and liability. It is crucial to enforce stricter measures that hold responsible parties accountable👇

They must be held responsible for their actions and deter future occurrences of such catastrophic incidents✊

The resilient people of Eleme/Ogu deserve nothing less!”

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