‘Ole Buhari’ – Wizkid calls President Buhari a ‘Thief’

Popular Music Artist, Wizkid is seen a viral video below saying ‘Ole Ni Buhari’, which simply means ‘Buhari is a thief’.

He made the statement while partying and listening to a song by Naira Marley titled ‘Soapy’. It will be recalled that Wizkid recently made headlines after being featured on Popular Songstress, Beyonce’s new ‘Lion King’ Album.

Watch the Video Below;


  1. He is not far from the truth.There is a saying that “show me your friend then i will show you who you are”.With these crop of stinkingly corrupt individuals Buhari is wining and dining with one has to come that conclusion.YOU CAN’T GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE.

  2. Nigeria again! Wizkid. Its thir time. In Nigeria we are helpless. In Nigeria we are always waiting on God and God wl not fail helpless and voiceless multitudes of Nigerians. The big time world renowed general overseer(s) are part of them. I wish Nigeria well, a place where to travel by road is no longer th fear of pot holes but of kidnappers and herdsmen! Nigeria oye, meaning Nigeria is Nigeria u r great!

  3. those rich men didn’t have common respect in those days again why because their didn’t use their money the way god like if god bless you with money try helping some people their don’t have but their own is to park women and fuck and take alcoholic remember your last day the day that you be only one in grave is what you do in life we jog you deer you people should continue use your money to fuck and buy alcoholic one day is one day that you we die is the good you do we jog you and the bad you do we jog you

  4. No matter how big a lion is, you can never compare it with a small lion. Every body has the right to speak his freedom. buhari is just a sonofabitch, careless, lunantic and impulsive, a man without reasoning. Infact am more than him, am just pauper but my brain is wider like snow.

  5. Non-reaction of Mr President and the presidency (to the mindless defamation) shows the rare maturity of the man and the government he leads. It implies that nothing could be far from the truth. In reality, he (Bihari – a God-sent political Messiah) just does not quack like a duck and doesn’t look like one. Simply, he is not a duck.

    As for the wicked and mindless accusation of WizKid (probably induced by some drug), it shows that Bihari is indeed a worthy leader. In many other countries, wizkid’s life would be in grave danger if not jeopadiced by now.

    Thank God for Bihari. Our country is acquiring distinct maturity under his sagacious leadership. Hail!

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