Only way to avoid Civil War is to give Igbos Biafra – Northern group advises Buhari

The Coalition of Northern Groups(CNG) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to allow the igbos have their own country Biafra.

The group, in a statement on Wednesday, said that it was the only way to avoid another civil war occurring in the country. They also criticised the President over his controversial tweet threatening genocidal violence against the Igbos.

The statement signed by its spokesperson, Abdulazeez Sulaiman read in part; “We find it ridiculous that most parts of the President’s tweet concentrated more attention to infrastructure than on the lives of citizens that are wasted daily with virtually no response from the authorities.”

“The President’s revelation that most of those involved in the current agitation for secession are those who have not witnessed the 1967 civil war is a vindication of our position that the only reasonable option to ensure a more secure future is for the Igbo to be allowed to have their wish for a Biafran nation.”

“It is time for the Nigerian state and all stakeholders to wake to the reality that the only remaining option to avoid a civil war is for the Igbo to be allowed to have the Biafra they have used intermittently for decades to destabilize the nation and deny peace to other components of the country,”.

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