Organised Labour Releases Communique, Reveals Why Strike Was Called Off

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have given reasons why they suspended their indefinite nationwide strike, which began on May 3rd.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the labour unions decided to give the Federal Government a one-week ultimatum to meet their demands.

In a communique signed by NLC and TUC Presidents, Comrades Joe Ajaero and Festus Osifo, the labour unions stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s personal offer to commit to a higher national minimum wage and the need to create an ambiance for negotiations to continue unhindered are the reasons for suspending the strike.

The labour unions expressed hope that the Federal Government will commit to a concrete and acceptable National Minimum Wage, reverse the electricity tariff hike to N66/kwh, and abolish the discriminatory classification of electricity consumers into Bands.

The communique also stated that the labour unions reviewed the government’s position on other critical demands and examined the circumstances behind their withdrawal from the Tripartite national minimum wage negotiation process.

The communique said, “The NEC critically examined the following key issues:

1. The Federal Government’s proposal to commit to a higher national minimum wage.

2. The ongoing demands for the reversal of the electricity tariff hike back to N66/kwh.

3. The demand for the stoppage of the apartheid classification of electricity consumers into Bands.

4. The reasons for withdrawing from the Tripartite Committee for the Negotiation of the National Minimum Wage.

5. The content of the memorandum of understanding reached with the Federal Government at the meeting of Monday, the 3rd of June, 2024 On the National Minimum Wage.”

The labour unions resolved to relax the indefinite nationwide strike action for one week to allow the Federal Government to commit to a concrete and acceptable National Minimum Wage and take definitive steps to address the electricity tariff hike and discriminatory classification of electricity consumers.

The NLC and TUC National Leadership were mandated to continue negotiating with the Federal Government to secure favourable outcomes for Nigerian workers and people.

All affiliate unions and State Councils were directed to return to their respective workplaces immediately.

The labour unions expressed gratitude to Nigerian workers and the general public for their support and solidarity.

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  1. Nigeria can never be better till we get it right .I knew from day one that this strike will never last as long as Nigeria is concern with people that are ready to sell their rights with money

    1. I beg keep quiet. How can u say such? I don’t care ur analysis, all I am sure of is that Nigeria will get out of these mess and get better,and all Nigerians will laugh again.

    2. Negotiations is the best method of settling disputes whether at home ,office, Bussiness outfits,worship centres etc.We are all humans.We are created and endowed with wisdom above all other living organisms to think and proffer solutions to our problems like Moses,Samuel,David etc for a sustained and peaceful Nigeria.

    3. Chi girl,can you suggest a possible remedy to the menace holding the country from getting it right

  2. I hope the FG Will stand to their word this time and let this nation move forward this year.

  3. If I had the power, no worker in Nigeria will ever heed to any call for strike action by this current labor leadership. They’re only using us and frequent calls for to enrich themselves.

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