Orlu, Imo under siege – Pro-Biafra group leader

Princewill Chimezie Richards, leader of the Biafra Nations League (BNL) has said that Orlu town in Imo State is under siege from the Nigerian military.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Richards expressed a strong aversion to ‘the heavy militarisation of Orlu’, and major parts of the southeast region.

“This morning (Sunday) I decided to move round Orlu in Imo State, from Nwangele to Orlu LGA. The rate of the heavy security made me come to the conclusion that we are under siege,” Richards said in a Facebook post.

“The Police in Orlu are Special Forces deployed from Abuja. I was kept at Orlu roundabout for complete one hour when they stopped my vehicle at gunpoint, they cracked the gun like they have met unknown gunmen, asked my driver and my boy in the front to come down for searching, which they did, as they were coming down some of them were moving backward shouting at them “don’t come close to me”, they asked to see who is inside the tinted and I whined down, greeted them, they asked if I’m a royal prince and I said yes, they couldn’t identify me for anything, only the royalty they recognized.

“They said they won’t search again because of who I’m, that I should give them #10,000, I told them why I should pay to prevent them from searching, I don’t have such money, they can search and I wilingly stepped down to allow them to search. They came up with the issue of tinted glass, that the IG of Police has banned it; I told them it was banned after I had done my tinted permit.

“Due to the delay I gave them #1,000 and they rejected it saying how can a Prince be giving them #1000 that I should make use of POS in front of me if I don’t have cash, they started threatening to move me to the station for disobeying the IG with tinted glass, I told them I have my tinted permit and I got my permit before the ban, they saw that I was ready to go with them, they asked me to add money to what I gave them, I told them I have no cash, one saw #500 on top of my seat and grabbed it and asked me to go.. not up to 20 seconds I moved from them another people stopped my vehicle, their boss started instructing them to “position position”, the officers that we just left behind saw them and gave them sign to free my vehicle to pass.

“These guys are just criminals on highway.”

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