Oshiomhole: How PDP tried to Blackmail Election Tribunal [FULL STORY]


National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole has revealed how the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP tried to blackmail the Election Tribunal to grant favourable judgement to its Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Oshiomhole, while speaking to state house correspondents on Thursday, said that the PDP was a party that ‘seeks’ to blackmail Institutions. In his words;

“I attended some of the court sittings, and it was clear that PDP just seeks to blackmail every institution so that their candidate can become President even if it is not the will of the Nigerian People”.

“When a Political party and a Presidential candidate reduce election matters to social media speculation and quoting sources that are laughable even at Beer parlour Conversations”.

“When you bring a young yahoo man from Kenya who admitted before the court that he is not certified by any institution as an expert in ICT and he told the court and its on record that the much talked about server where they already concocted figures even before the election took place, that he got his fact from ‘'”.

It will be recalled that the Presidential Election Tribunal granted judgement in favor of President Muhammadu Buhari on September 11. The PDP and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar have vowed to challenge the judgement at the Supreme Court.

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  1. For the sake of clarity, why did the courts failed to allow Atiku team access to the server they believe INEC used? Or are the men at the bench so dumb and naive of modern technology? Did they find it difficult to investigate the IP address of this server? What was wrong in asking for that to be investigated? The truth is that the society is rotten and almost everyone is corrupt with the exception of some God-fearing minds.
    ***Unfortunately, the damage has been done! Let us hope for the wishes of God to prevail. There will never be free and fair elections of any kind in Nigeria. Nigeria is operating under a rogue and failed electoral system and it is very sad that some ignorants are happy and don’t care at all. The last elections especially the sham called presidential election was the worst in the history of Nigeria. In fact, the INEC chairman is the worst so far. Buhari pretends to be a saint whereas he’s not. I know some of his diehard supporters will call for my crucification for saying this but who cares? It doesn’t matter the outcome at the apex court, the truth remains that the last presidential election in Nigeria was a fraud and the EPTC knows this fact but pretended and deviated from the truth because it’s a corrupt body!****

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