Osoba/Usman Way to Rethink for Nigeria


Based on towards whom you are directing questions on issues that prejudice against Nigeria’s development, would evoke a torrent of possibilities.

The common among these possibilities would be the corruption that has engulfed the country. Current administration’s conscious magnification of dangers of the evil has opened the eyes of a significant number of Nigerians. They have started to see corruption as the only crippling factor in the development of Nigeria.

Though the pedagogy of corruption has touched many people in the country, the challenge is impeccable as the existing shameful feature has mostly become a pastime in the whole nation.

A report of 2017 informed that public officials of Nigeria had stolen almost $582bn from the treasury of Nigeria since the independence of the country in 1960. It was indicated by Chatam House or the United Kingdom Royal Institute of International Affairs.

It would be tough to banish such violation against the Nigerians as the private pockets that are filled with money could have stepped to improve the conditions of the people of Nigeria. But, corruption is indeed a negative human phenomenon that cripples the whole world. Along with the rest of the world, Nigeria is grappling with the damaging effects of corruption. The harm it has continued to bring with it has risen deeper problem, and the society has almost always failed to pay attention to the alarming situation.

Both the religious and ethnic breach has also evoked untold damage to the Nigerians. The first two military regime change that Nigerians witnessed showered the country in a bloodbath. It stretched to a 30-month civil war that quashed almost two million civilians. It has triggered suspicions and grudges among the country’s three major ethnic groups against each other. It has clogged the progress of Nigeria on a more massive scale.

In August 1976, Prof Olusegun Osaba and Dr. Yusufu Bala Usman drafted some points that opposed many principals of other committee members. On Tuesday, the Democratic Development Research and Training has gathered Nigerians to represent the Osaba/Usman way of progressive politics.

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