Outrage as Buhari allegedly approves N1.4 billion to purchase vehicles for Niger republic

President Muhammadu Buhari is facing severe criticisms from Nigerians following a report that he approved N1.4 billion for the purchase of 10 vehicles for Niger Republic.

Popular Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin, on Tuesday night, published a document from the country’s budget office alleging that President Buhari approved the funds for the purchase of 10 Toyota land Cruiser jeeps.

The document also revealed the account name and number to which the money was paid into.

Below is Hundeyin’s Tweet;

Below are some of the comments from Nigerians on Social media;


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  1. Fulani leaders have always had troubles managing public money. It is hard for them to differentiate between their personal wallet and public treasury. And here we go again with another one in the waiting by name Atiku to take over from Buhari. This man, Atiku failed woefully under Obasanjo especially as it regards public funds,now he wants his turn. God, please help us.

  2. I think we should not look at the face statement.

    I said this because we as a nation, Nigeria, receives grants, loan writeoff etc. from USA, EUROPE and so many privileged nations than us. Some of these nations and their citizens equally give grants to many of our Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for relief programs to Nigerians.

    I don’t think we have to be greedy and expect all things to come to Nigeria only. We must be able to equally give to our neighbours in need.

    I don’t see anything wrong nor bad in our nation, Nigeria, equally extending such gesture to nations less developed to Nigeria. No matter how little.

    I appreciate the gesture further in the government buying Nigerian made vehicles as a form of advert to our products and further development to the motor company especially the staff engaged by the company.

    I think we need to enquire further why the decision was made. Vehicular gift are for mobility purpose and it could be for mobility of that nation’s security agencies. I don’t think the vehicles are for keep.

    I believe in the elders saying that, when your neighbours are at peace, definitely you too will be at peace but when your neighbours are in disarray, peace will likely be far away from you.

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