Outrage as Wale Edun discreetly moves social investment programmes to finance ministry

The minister of finance, Wale Edun, has relocated the National Social Investment Programmes (NSIPs) from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation to the Ministry of Finance and Coordinating Economy, sparking outrage in the polity.

According to reports, a panel hurriedly set up by the minister recommended that the programmes should be resumed to alleviate the sufferings of poor and vulnerable Nigerians and that a new board under the leadership of Edun should oversee the social investment programmes.

It reads in part: “Convene a steering committee/board under the leadership of the Hon. Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy to oversee the coordination of programmes.

“Determine the future of the NSIPA by advocating for a proper review and amendment of the NSIPA act.”

The move by Edun is said to be causing ripples among officials of the Tinubu-led administration.

Government officials fear that the move may lead to significant changes within the program, potentially involving the dissolution of the current board, removal of state coordinators, and the appointment of new leaders.

An official told Sahara Reporters: “This is not a good move.

“The social investment programmes are currently domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

“They are implemented by the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA) by law.

“The executive bill sent by the Muhammadu Buhari administration to the National Assembly, placed the NSIPA, which is in charge of these social programmes, in the federal ministry of humanitarian affairs and poverty alleviation.

“A bill would have to be sponsored to amend the principal act.

“Anything outside of that is illegal and against the laws setting up the NSIPA.”

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