Pastor vanishes with people’s phones, valuables after crusade in Ibadan

A shocking incident occurred on Tuesday in the Agbowo area of Ibadan when a Pastor, Dr. Owen Abraham, allegedly vanished with 52 Android and iPhones, cash, and other valuable items belonging to residents of Aponrin who had attended his crusade.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the affected individuals claimed that the preacher had informed them that he was instructed by God to organize the event after traveling from Gambia to Ibadan.

During the five-day gathering, Abraham allegedly asked attendees to surrender their phones and valuables, claiming that the Holy Spirit had directed him to do so. However, on the final day of the crusade, he reportedly fled with the items he had collected, leaving his victims stranded.

Numerous individuals who had participated in the event expressed their frustration at the pastor’s disappearance, stating that they had been persuaded to partake in a three-day fasting and prayer session. They made several attempts to reach him, but all of their efforts proved fruitless.

Mrs. Grace Akintola, one of the victims, disclosed that a significant number of widows attended the crusade after being promised a bag of rice and money by the pastor. Additionally, Abraham had allegedly offered to provide scholarships to students.

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