‘Pastors, failed politicians fought Buhari for eight years’ – Femi Adesina

Former presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has alleged that the church and opposition politicians battled ex-president Muhammadu Buhari during his eight years in office.

Adesina disclosed this at the Association of Veteran Journalists event which held in Osogbo on Wednesday.

He alleged that some of the enemies that ganged up against Buhari included defeated members of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and a section of the Nigerian church, who felt bad over Goodluck Jonathan’s defeat.

According to Adesina, some Buhari loyalists whose expectations were never met also joined the former president’s list of political enemies.

He, however, noted that Buhari did not only curb corruption but also fought insecurity to a standstill.

“There were people who naturally were against Buhari’s government from the beginning. I identified three different sets of people that were anti-Buhari,” Adesina said.

“Firstly, the PDP, which is natural, secondly, a part of the church, who felt the one defeated was Christian, and Buhari is a Muslim. So they thought they should use the pulpit to explore evil against the administration and those, who were with Buhari in the beginning but whose expectations were not met and then they crossed over and became enemies with the administration.

“So, all those people, from day one till the end, fought the administration,” he added.

Adesina also accused the media of setting him up against the public by misquoting his comments and press releases on national issues.

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