PDP Gears up for February By-Elections, Releases Schedule and Form Fees

Nigeria’s main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has released a timetable and schedule of activities for aspirants seeking its ticket ahead of the upcoming February 2024 bye-elections.

The announcement comes in response to the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) earlier declaration of the poll dates.

The PDP, through its National Organizing Secretary, Umar Bature, released the detailed schedule in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to the release, aspiring Senators will pay N500,000 for an expression of interest form and N3 million for the nomination form. House of Representatives hopefuls will pay N500,000 for the expression of interest form and N2 million for the nomination form. State Assembly aspirants will pay N100,000 for the expression of interest form and N500,000 for the nomination form.

To encourage inclusivity and diversity, the PDP has implemented concessionary measures. Female aspirants and those living with disabilities can skip the expression of interest fee and pay only the nomination form cost. Similarly, the party offers a 50% discount on the nomination form fee for aspirants under 40 years old, although they will still need to pay the full price for the expression of interest form.

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