BREAKING: Police arrest DCP Abba Kyari, 4 Others

Men of the Nigerian Police Force have arrested Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari. He was arrested alongside four others on Monday.

Kyari was arrested hours after the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency declared his wanted. The Agency disclosed that Kyari attempted to recover seized Cocaine by bribing its officials with $61,000.

The agency also stated that Kyari was a member of a notorious transnational drug ring spanning Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria. He was handcuffed and detained shortly after the report went viral.

His arrest has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the Force, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi.

This is not the first time Kyari is in hot water as he was indicted in a case of fraud involving notorious fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abass alias Hushpuppi, last year.

POLITICS NIGERIA reported that Kyari accepted bribes from Hushpuppi to frame an associate, Chibuzo in Nigeria. He received over N8 million from the disgraced fraudster.

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  1. A Yoruba adage comes to mind. Do not make a cat a guard over fried meat. The law officer and enforcer, the law breaker. It is a shame.

    1. In a crate of egg where you have 27 spoilt eggs out 30 eggs, chances are that whenever you want to pick an egg you will always end up with the bad ones.

  2. When he went to Obi Cubuna mother’s burial I wrote that his indiscretions would cost him the IGP he is being prepared for but opera news and scooper didn’t publish my articles,,we all knew he has links with the drug cartel.We need a source of wealth law in Nigeria.

  3. This is just a child play ,,American neess him most,,and america will not buy those type of tom and jerry story,,,is just a way to let him stay in nigeria,,is total fallacy

  4. I bet there is more to heard from this guy
    We await other findings, won’t be surprised if top people are indicted tooo
    Naija our country

  5. I think police work or job should be studied in the University just like many courses offered in tertiary institutions, and make professionally rather than the current method of recruiting.

  6. Can we still call him innocent? Some stupid Hausa group came up last time in serous solidarity for him, with deferent counter claims, that he was framed up by some people, so on and so forth. What do we call this now? More secret will still be unfolded as long as Abba Kyari, is concerned.

    1. The Nigerian police force is filled with men like Abba Kyari. This one is just sn eye opener. You will hear more about the dirty deals of this fallen cop and those he will pull down with him.

    2. Mr man comments lyk this made us stagnant, don’t be sentimental by generalising the whole house as if he did it with there knowledge, call spade a spade, he is old enough to serve jail term so just condem his action as Abba kyanite stop generalising.

  7. It’s only God’s kingdom that can clear the mess made by corrupt men. As the Bible says men have advanced from bad to worse. We need a supernatural power. The Creator. That time is near.

  8. Any person that is in a haste to be rich can never be innocent. Not how you start that matters but how you end up or finish.

  9. It’s very rear to found innocent Nig.police or politician that is guiltless of coropt practice. For Nig. it’s a custome. Continue your business when you come out dear. The top politician’s you have helped achieved they intereste are already working for ur release.

  10. All this things is not true wlh they are going to destroy this all great in this country, and then didn’t forget that Allah is with him, Ya Allah save your servant

    1. Sure my friend, it’s only in Nigeria that a police officer who has a job will complain that his salary is not enough and then goes out to arrest those that don’t have jobs and expect them to bail themselves with money.

  11. This is all part of a ploy to stop the extradition. He is using SWOT analysis. If found culpable with the drugs he will be sentenced in Nig which could take years to prove him guilty, and with the connection he has, he will live large in prison.

  12. Huñnñ how long will this country continue to suffer in the hands of people like Abba Kyari. In fact the memory of George Iyamu in Anini, Osubor saga in Benin City still a reflection. May God save this nation.

  13. This is a real foolishness, but you have to know that you will never tarnish his image.
    In Nigeria, one of presidential candidate is a great drugs dealer, but because he is giving out something, is a reason why you will not investigate him but penting others with his colour.

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