Popular Hausa singer who dropped hit songs for Buhari, accuses ex-President of leaving a “bad economy” for Tinubu

Dauda Kahutu, widely known as Rarara, a famous Hausa political singer who gained fame for his support of former President Muhammadu Buhari, has made headlines by accusing Buhari of bequeathing a “bad economy” to President Bola Tinubu.

At a press conference in Kano, Rarara expressed regret for his previous support for the former president.

Rarara, a vocal advocate for President Buhari during his tenure, voiced his concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the alleged economic challenges left by the previous administration.

He questioned why the Tinubu administration had not yet addressed the alleged recklessness of Buhari’s government.

The singer claimed he had been denied the opportunity to meet with President Bola Tinubu to offer advice on exposing alleged corruption from the previous administration. He expressed his disappointment that key figures in the new government had not publicly addressed the issues he raised.

“Despite the fact that the president has made appointments in sectors where monumental corruption took place, nobody is saying anything,” Rarara stated.

“The president hasn’t said anything. Even the NSA, Defence Minister, Minister of Agriculture, and SGF are all quiet; nobody is saying anything. And it would be very disastrous for this administration to be built on the foundation of lies; it would have consequences,” he added.

Rarara challenged the new administration to be open about the state of the country’s economy and the alleged mismanagement during the previous government.

He emphasized that it was essential to communicate the truth to the Nigerian people, even if it meant acknowledging the challenges inherited from the previous administration.

When asked if he regretted supporting Buhari, Rarara responded in the affirmative, saying, “Yes, I regret supporting him. The reason is that I supported him blindly, hoping he would fix the damage done by the PDP administration.”

The singer also pointed out his contributions to the success of the ruling party and expressed a desire for political involvement. He asserted that he deserved recognition and a role in recommending individuals for ministerial and other political appointments.

“Even if I won’t be appointed minister, I deserve to have a say or recommend people for ministerial and other positions. I have passed the level to be given a slot for one political appointment. And it’s not that I have been used and dumped. But if they dare dump me, I will fire back,” Rarara concluded.

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