Popular Pastor in ‘hot water’ for marrying Church member’s wife in Rivers [PHOTOS]

A man identified as Bright Ben has taken to social media to accuse the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo of ‘snatching’ his wife and kids.

Ben, in a statement on his Facebook page, revealed that he was a full financial member of the church alongside his wife, Mrs. Tina Bright nee Everest, and they had been attending the church for a while.

He alleged that trouble started after his wife was given an ‘appointment’ and she quietly moved out of the house with their two children. He claims that he had been searching for her adding that he even called pastor Adeeyo to seek advice on the matter but at a point the pastor allegedly seized picking up his calls and blocked his line.

Mr. Ben stated that he found out about his wife’s whereabouts on Sunday after seeing pictures of Pastor Adeeyo’s marriage to Tina. Bright and Tina have been married for 12 years.

The statement read; “ADULTERY… As shameful as it sounds, it is a true life story. MY PASTOR MARRIED MY WIFE. I’ve been married to Mrs Tina Bright for over 12years with 2kids,a girl and a boy. I married her traditionally and white wedding and took her to introduce to my Pastor Moses Adeeyo. The General Overseer of World Bank Assembly in Eneka, obio/akpor LGA Rivers State.”

“We started attending the church and became full financial members. My wife was given an immediate appoi 7months ago, she moved out of the house with our 2kids before I got back from work. I searched everywhere and called everyone even the G.O. unknown to me that he was the architect of my problems.”

Bright Ben

“After sometime he stopped picking my calls and blocked my phone line. I’ve been looking for her until I saw this pictures yesterday online. He claimed that the Holy Spirit told him that she is his wife. Is the Holy Spirit and author of confusion.? My wife of 12yrs is now his. Pls Couples be careful in world Bank Assembly be careful of Pst MOSES ADEEYO.”

Pastor Adeeyo and Tina
Bright Ben and his wife, TIna
Adeeyo and Tina
Adeeyo and Tina
Adeeyo and Tina
Bright and Tina’s children
Bright and Tina’s Traditional wedding
Bright and Tina’s white wedding
Bright Ben and Tina


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  1. What has the Church becomes today in the hands of some individual so called pastors
    I judge no one, but we should all bear in mind that judgement will begin from the house of God (the Church) whether we like it or not, nothing can change the infallible forever settled word from the mouth of the Lord.
    If all the evidences shown here by Mr Bright is true, the question waiting for answer from Mr Pastor is simple, what prompted him to take over his member’s wife? Is she the only woman in that Church?, who joined them in this unholy wedlock?, is the person aware that the lady is someone’s wife and a church member in particular? How shameless could someone be, that a man called “Man of God” and respected do such an unholy thing under the sun? I seldom believed this, though, I rest to ponder.
    I think this man is looking for divine judgment, he need to restore the man Mr Bright his wife as quickly as possible and do a public restitution.
    Today, it is no wonder that so many places call Church and mere occultic gatherings and satanic worship, beware of which church you attend, may God purge his Church of evil ministers.
    I will advice that Mr Bright tell the world what kind of relationship exist between him and his wife back home when they were together, are you been fair to her? How did you treat her? What do you think might have prompted her decision to just bolted out of your marriage without your knowledge.
    Over to you Bright, I think there must be a spark before any fire, tell us or seek counsel from mature believer.

  2. You just have to do something to secure your kids first, and follow up the matter without violence because of your children.
    I wish you all the best, but be wise.

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