Presidency reacts to Dokpesi’s comments on Coronavirus

The Presidency has reacted to the worry of the founder of DAAR Communications, Raymond Dokpesi on Coronavirus.

POLITICS NIGERIA on Friday reported how Dokpesi queried why Malaria drugs were administered to Coronavirus patients.

This newspaper also reported that the Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, and a former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, also said they recovered with malaria drugs.

Reacting to Dokpesi’s worry, Lauretta Onochie, the media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, questioned when malaria become infectious that it ravaged Chief Raymond Dokpesi’s family.

She, however, condemned the PDP chieftain for doubting the treatment of the dreaded virus in the country.

She tweeted: “When did malaria become infectious that it ravaged Chief Raymond Dokpesi’s family!?

“This is why knowledge is more important than certificate

“When you meet and engage some PhD holders, they leave you drained with ignorance & you wonder how much they paid for their certificates.”

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  1. Lauretta what nonsense are you saying. Where you in the isolation centre? Why can’t you just shut your mouth for once instead of spilling rubbish! The man said it was malaria drugs they used to treat him and nothing else. He was cured. So what’s your problem?

    1. It pained me that this is the same country some of us share with this insenitive people
      Must you insult to answer a decent question if you are not hiding something?
      I want to believe that this is a very sensitive questions that requires a sincere answers, I have always known that Nigeria is in the hands of her enemies
      The leadership problems we are face with in Nigeria is worst than covid-19

      Buhari and his handlers are more deadly than covid-19

  2. Dave my brother, don’t tense yourself up over this woman and the likes of her. She has to do the bidding of her pay master(s). It is this kind of mentality and ideology possessed and being used by our political office holders that is driving this country into obscurity. They would always have a way of defending the lies they keep polluting this country with even when it has nothing to do with them. On the grounds of the purity of mind and sincerity of purpose they claim to have towards this whole thing, let them show the man his test result and answer his questions rather than abuse the man and evade the fabric of the matter. Before the emergence and spread of this ‘virus’, there’ve been occasions where a whole family get infected with a disease simultaneously. Yes. Moreover, the same news article has it that the Bauchi state governor and Doyin Okupe raised the same question.

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