Prices of Fruits Soar in Kano as Ramadan Fast Increases Demand

The Prices of fruits in Kano have experienced a significant surge due to heightened patronage resulting from the ongoing Ramadan fast.

A visit by Politics Nigeria to the Yankaba and Yanlemu markets in the metropolis revealed a sharp increase in prices over the past four days. Apples are now being sold for N450, a significant increase from their previous price of N300. Similarly, medium-sized watermelons have seen a price hike to N1,500 from N700, while larger watermelons are now priced at N3,000, up from N1,700.

Oranges, another Ramadan staple, are now selling at N1,000 per dozen, compared to their previous price of N700. Meanwhile, a bunch of bananas now costs N2,000, up from N1,200 before the commencement of the fast.

The prices of pineapples and pawpaws have risen, with medium-sized pineapples now selling for N800 and pawpaws priced at N1,000, compared to their previous prices of N500 and N700, respectively.

Further checks by Politics Nigeria revealed significant increases in the prices of other food items, including locally milled rice, sugar, millet, and eggs. A 50kg bag of locally milled rice is now priced at N62,000, while sugar is selling for a little over N82,000 per bag.

Additionally, a 100kg bag of millet is now priced at N61,000, and a crate of eggs is selling for above N3,200.

Traders at the market attribute the surge in prices to increased demand amid low supply of produce. Mallam Habu Ali, a trader, explained that fruits and vegetables are in higher demand during Ramadan, leading to the sudden price hike.

He also cited the high cost of transportation and poor business conditions as contributing factors.

Buyers, such as Muhammad Bala, expressed concern over the rising cost of essential items, noting that many households may struggle to afford daily post-fasting meals in light of the current economic situation in the country.

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