Reno Omokri Reveals How Peter Obi Helped Bola Tinubu Secure Election Victory

Reno Omokri, a social commentator, has expressed his anger, asserting that Bola Tinubu assumed the presidency of Nigeria on May 30, 2022, the same day Peter Obi emerged victorious in the Labour Party’s presidential primary election.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that an embittered Omokri questioned how a divided opposition could have defeated the rigging machinery of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2023 if a united front failed to do so in 2019.

“This is precisely what I privately conveyed to Obi and publicly explained to Obidients. It’s a matter of common sense. Obidients become emotionally charged, hurling insults without attempting to understand others’ perspectives. Elections are akin to warfare; you don’t act on your desires but do whatever it takes to win,” Omokri emphasised.

Omokri disclosed that he had worked behind the scenes with a particular former senator to ensure the same Atiku/Obi ticket from 2019 was presented.

“If the Peoples Democratic Party had fielded that ticket, Wike wouldn’t have possessed the moral authority to maintain his stance with the G-5, thus avoiding open opposition. No amount of rigging could have thwarted our victory. We didn’t receive money from Obi; in fact, we funded our efforts. He is alive,” Omokri revealed.

However, their plans were disrupted when they unexpectedly witnessed Obi’s departure from the PDP on television, followed by his subsequent joining of the Labour Party three days later.

“The day Tinubu won the election wasn’t February 25, 2023. Tinubu became President on May 30, 2022, the day Obi secured the Labour Party’s presidential primaries,” Omokri firmly asserted.

He warned that if the courts failed to overturn this dubious election and Christians subsequently complained about marginalisation in the coming years, they would have only themselves to blame.

“We are entirely responsible for allowing our emotions to dictate our actions, while Muslims set aside their sentiments and took risks with brinkmanship. Go ahead and hurl insults. Perhaps your abuses will alter your reality!” Omokri concluded.

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