Reps consider bill stopping South-South, South-West, North-West from presidential election

The House of Representatives is set to consider a new bill that seeks to stop the North-West, South—South and South-West from presenting presidential candidates in the 2027 general election.

The bill is seeking an alteration to various sections of the 1999 Constitution to prevent the three geopolitical zones from presenting candidates in the next general election.

The bill “For an Act to alter the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) to make provisions for rotation of power among the geo-political zones, senatorial zones and federal constituencies in presidential, governorship and senatorial elections in Nigeria,” is currently before the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review.

Sponsored by member representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency, Benue State, Ojema Ojetu, the proposed legislation, if passed into law, will bar zones that have produced the President of Nigeria since the return to democratic governance in 1999.

The bill seeks to alter Section 133 of the constitution by inserting sub-sections 2, 3 and 4 to the nation’s extant laws.

“The Office of the President of Nigeria shall revolve round the six geo- political zones, with each state holding the office for a maximum of two terms of four years each, to give every section and state in Nigeria a sense of inclusion, participation and representation in Nigeria’s democracy,” a copy of the bill indicated, according to Punch.

It continued: “Any zone in Nigeria which has produced a President of the Federal Republic shall not be eligible to produce another President until the other zones take their turns.

“The effective date for consideration in the rotation of power shall be 29th of May, 1999 when the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) became effective.”

The bill, according to Ojotu, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) also seeks alteration to the 1999 Constitution with the insertion of sub-sections 6 and 7.

In (6), the proposed law provides that “The office of the governor of a state in Nigeria shall revolve round all the three senatorial zones in the state, to give every indigene of the state a sense of inclusion, participation and representation in the development of the state; while (7) states that “Every senatorial zone in a state which has produced governor of that state in a democratically conducted election shall not be eligible to produce a governor, unless and until other senatorial zones produce governors of the state.”

That is not all as Ojotu’s proposed legislation also seeks an alteration of Section 48 of the Constitution with the introduction of sub-sections 1 (a) and (b).

1(a) provides that “Senatorial election shall rotate round all the federal constituencies in the Senatorial zone to give a sense of inclusion, participation and representation in the constituencies to engineer social progress and development;” and (b) says that “Every federal constituency in a Senatorial district which has produced a Senator shall not be eligible to produce a Senator, unless and until all other Federal Constituencies produce a Senator.”

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  1. Would it see the light of the day? Would the other zones support it? Would the president who is interested in 2027 support it?

  2. Rotation of power among the zones will help in analysing the competence of every region and also profer understanding among individuals administrative efficiency.

  3. Retroactive law is alien to Nigeria constitution but I don’t know if few ideological group will clarify it with reasonable doubt by using legal term

  4. That would be a positive step towards achieving a nation where there’s equity. But my only concern is that most of the bills that were meant to change the nation for good were not passed into law. For example, the bill on local government autonomy and that of the judiciary.

  5. Aww, this will be welcome development to the national, if only the political emperor’s will acknowledge it. Much to the reps

  6. From 2027? The bill is ill conceived and will not fly, I say will not fly, especially when you have a sitting first term President who has the constitutional right to run for a second term.

  7. It can be added that every president is entitled to second term if his performance is good rather than restricting second term but thereafter, until other region participate, it should not be allowed to go to region that has already tested the position.

  8. I can see Shetimma here.
    Tafawa Belewa was once the Head of government from North East.
    Jonathan was not allowed to complete his tenure.
    Since 1999, Igbo has not occupied even the office of the vice president
    How about middle belt
    Has the zone produced President?
    Dead on arrival.

  9. Nice one! But our politicians will never support anything that will not favour them. They only cry for injustice when it affects them. Injustice that favour them is acceptable

  10. A step in the right direction but will it see the light of the day? Will Yoruba and hausa/ Fulani allow this?

  11. That’s why Nigeria is a scam, TINUBU must finish eight years before any attercation in the construction, Buhari terrorise, corrupt Nigeria for good eight years Even he left the economy in shambles

  12. I think I am supposed to be one of those that can predict this system Nigeria. This person sponsoring this bill now, where was he when former president died? I asked this question because then, I suggested that Jonathan as VP should allow the North to complete that tenure of 8 years to allow power to move again to the south between south south and south east but so many people said no. I then advised that the siting president should take it the Senate for legislation which the north then was desperate to make sure that they replace yaradua but our people refused and at the end,Jonathan took 6 years and even wanted to have it for 10 years which was not possible for him then.

  13. If scale through it will be a very good welcome development to our dear nation and national unity and coexistence among our self.. BUT Will the power be allowed it to see the light of the day.?….

  14. If this bill will scale through it will be a welcome development, but most of our politicians are selfish, they’ll eat their foods and still take your own and join their. That’s our major problem we’re having.

  15. They should also pass it to bills to reduce salary of Senators, house of representatives and ministers to 30000 per month which is Nigeria minimum wages, anyone that is ready to work will work, they are supposed to serve Nigeria not sending Nigeria to debt.

  16. No need for power zoning. Nigeria should be split & let Biafra go. Those who want to remain Nigeria should. The Biafra needs freedom, not power zoning

  17. Do you think this would be allow to happen in Nigeria?Who is there claim that is his birth right .But that should be a way forward , may God help us .

  18. Until this country is devided nothing is going to work. We have so many evil politicians who will not allow the masses to breathe. There selfish interest is their concern

  19. That’s a good way to go, but even if other zone accept it Northerners will never accept this b/c they want to hold onto power so they can continue with their namu namu ne, and that is why they destroyed this country

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