Royal Navy Ship HMS Trent arrives in Lagos

Royal Navy Ship HMS Trent of Royal Marines from 42 Commando, the United Kingdom, has arrived in Lagos as part of their three-month deployment to the Gulf of Guinea.

UK’s Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos, Ben Llewellyn-Jones, welcomed the ship and gave his remarks.

“Nigeria’s security and prosperity matters to the UK. The Royal Navy is here because the UK is a committed partner for Nigeria and the wider West African region,” said Llewellyn-Jones.

“We will continue to work with the Nigerian authorities to address illegal activity; improve maritime security; counter-piracy and tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade. To do this, we will draw on the experience we have of a cross and multi-agency co-operation in the UK to promote peace, development, and prosperity.”

On the other hand, the HMS Trent’s Commanding Officer, Commander Thomas Knott, added that the arrival of the Royal Navy ship could assist the FG in an effort to curb illegal conduct surrounding the Nigerian border.

“As Trent made her way to the Gulf of Guinea my crew honed their skills in Maritime Security Operations and commenced Counter Illicit Activity Patrols,” Knott said.

“Piracy, Narcotics, and broader criminal activities in this region demand that my Royal Navy Sailors and Royal Marine Commando Force are always ready to respond, from Boarding Operations through to lifesaving assistance at sea.”

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