Sam Daddy’s 58th Birthday with Quake..

By Amb. Nwosu Felix O. JP

The story of the biblical Samuel of old as captured in the account of 1st and 2nd Samuel appears being repeated after several thousands of years

The Elkanah and Hannah revelation and cries for a child of positive impact to change the ugly situation of Ramah of Benjamin being the home town of Elkanah on the hill country of Ephraim can be likened to that of imo state.

In one of the revelations prior to the conception of Samuel, Hannah made a promise to dedicate and return the coming child to God and based on this solemn pledge, God brought Samuel who became both a Judge and prophet to the family of Elkanah and Hannah.

The life of Samuel was one that no evil strived around him, it was also one that the mere mention and arrival of Samuel at any event, conspiracies and dangers collapsed, no evil secret or plot against the hill side of the Ephraimites ever stood in the presence of Samuel.

Same Samuel has come to imo the heartland state of Eastern Nigeria where anguish, sorrow and blood has become the ordeal of the people, where no day passes without the ugly and scary news of bloods of innocent citizenry being spilled to appease the gods of the evil leadership of the state

It has become a similar case like in the land of Isreal and just like Elkanah and Hannah prayed, Imolites have sort for the intervention of God, demanded for the liberation of the state and requested for a Samuel of our time to salvage and pull down the strongholds of maladministration, bringing down every evil imagination and restoring the dignity and safety the state was hitherto known for.

The prayers of imolites seems to have received a heavenly endorsement as every conspiracy and evil plans first within his political party are being pulled down with his 58th birthday anniversary causing a major quake in the leadership of the State Working Committee (SWC) of his Imo People’s Democratic party voluntarily resigning their positions and moved into their political abbis of no return.

Well as humans they are, they alleged non-existent issues within the party to justify and cover their disgraceful resignations yet their conspiracy against the party and SAMUEL the prophet, judge and Governorship Candidate of the party who they worked hard against his emergence as the Guber Standard Flag Bearer are in public domains.

Their brazen Robbery of the party’s treasury, the chestisement of those not in their conspiracy team, the destructive oath with their preferred Guber aspirant, their anti-party activities against the candidates of the party in the just concluded 2023 National and state elections and other crimes and evil against Samuel, PDP and ndi could not stand to survive in the presence of this Samuel of our time and generation and what happened, boom they took a flight to yet an unknown but distant political destination.

Imo PDP has suffered a great deal under the leadership of this Evil cult so voracious to destroy and kill anyone that tried stopping them to the point they chased away notable names and personalities in the party, personalities like Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, Sen. Bright Nwanne, Sen. Chris Anyanwu, Dikeocha, Frank Nneji, Okenze Obinna and several others that are still living even as a write forr your verifications.

But because he is called Samuel, no evil plot planned against him can stand, every conspiracy and conspirators took an overnight flight on his 58th birthday.

The idiotic and foolish has said in his heart there is no God But God asked…… And who is he that can say a thing and it comes to pass if I the Lord has not authorized it? And that many shall be the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord SHALL heal him of ALL.

Happy 58th birthday of quake in imo PDP and NEXT shall be the 11th of November 2023.

Indeed SAMUEL has come.


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