‘Same Guys Who Wrecked the Country,’ – Nigerians Berate Tinubu’s Ministerial List

The 28-man ministerial nominees’ list President Bola Ahmed Tinubu submitted to the National Assembly for screening and confirmation has not gone down well with some Nigerians.

As a result, they took to social media to the president over the list.

The ministerial list, which includes former governors Nyesom Wike and Nasir El-Rufai, along with 26 others, has continued to stir reactions on social media.

In their reaction on social media, netizens condemned the list, describing it as the recycling of old politicians who, in the past, have wrecked the country.

Reacting to the list on Twitter, former senator and activist Sheu Sani said: “The Ministerial list; The President embraced some Serpents with a known history of treachery and rewarded some vultures for playing the Judas. Appeasing a snake in a palace doesn’t spare the King.”

Another Twitter user, @Morris_Monye wrote: “Honestly, that Ministerial list is like “You be my guy, come and use this one hold body” list. Does BAT genuinely believe in his heart that those people on the list have what it takes to turn the country around. A leader is as good as his team. Look at OBJ and GEJ’s team.”

“Ministerial position has become a compensation slot rather than being the list of technocrats who can make difference. List filled with Ex gov, Senators and Reps. Nothing for those who waited to be leaders of tomorrow.” @Mykoladoo opined.

@jessecarson007 tweeted: “I’m extremely disappointed at the list! Can’t believe how he is recruiting the same guys who wrecked the country.”

“So we have been waiting for His political compensation, and thanks for helping me list for more than two months? Na this one wants to help Nigeria out of the mess?” @CEOchrysolite tweeted.

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