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Seyi Tinubu, CEO of Loatsad Promo Media attends 2020 Harvard Kennedy School meeting

Loatsad Promo media, one of West Africa’s largest outdoor and digital advertising agencies recently announced that it has commenced the use of a significant segment of its digital ad boards to disseminate critical information and public education campaigns to support efforts at combating the Coronavirus disease in West Africa in collaboration with the Nigerian-based Noella Foundation.

This was announced by the Group’s Founder/CEO, Seyi Tinubu, on the sidelines of the Global Dean’s Council Annual Meeting of the Harvard Kennedy School which he attended in London recently.

Speaking on the campaign, Seyi Tinubu said, “The world has become a global village. In times like these and with the threat of a global pandemic, policymakers and governments have to contend with a lot of variables trying to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.”

As a responsible corporate, Loatsad PromoMedia in collaboration with the Noella Foundation will support the local and state governments where it has its boards to run display adverts carrying critical health information and public service messages to educate the general public.

These social messages are already running and will continue to run for the considerable future till significant progress is made in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. I enjoin other leaders and philanthropists to do what is in their powers to support ongoing efforts”.

Prior to this, Mr Tinubu has joined a group of select global business leaders, Heads of Government, philanthropists and members of the academic and research community at the 2020 Meeting of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Dean Council to discuss pressing global issues from Climate Change to strengthening global healthcare systems and good governance.

Noella Foundation is the brainchild of Layal and Seyi Tinubu with a vision to identify & use their passion to create solutions that empower Nigerian communities & drive greater economic growth.
Visit www.noellafoundation for more information.

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