“She is truly one of a kind” – Accolades as Nigerian student wins national award in UK

A Nigerian studying at the University of Chester, Opeyemi Da-Silva, has been honoured with a national award for her outstanding contributions to the student community.

Ms. Da-Silva has won the Student Partnership Impact award, presented by the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) and Jisc.

The award recognizes students who have made a significant impact on educational development at their universities.

Ms. Da-Silva who is from Lagos, was recognized for her efforts in creating resources designed to help international students adjust to university life in the UK both socially and academically.

Her initiatives have been instrumental in improving the experience for these students.
Ms. Da-Silva was nominated by Dr. Helen Galbraith, Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer at the University of Chester.

She serves as a Student Race Advocate, a role established in 2020 to represent the voices of Black, Asian, and other Ethnic Minority students within the university’s decision-making processes.

One of Ms. Da-Silva’s most notable achievements in this role was developing a support handbook specifically for international students.

The handbook addresses the unique needs of Black, Asian, and other Ethnic Minority students, providing crucial support to help them navigate university life.

Reflecting on her work, Ms. Da-Silva said, “During my tenure as a Student Race Advocate for the School of Psychology, I recognized the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by Black, Asian, and other Ethnic Minority students. To proactively engage with this issue, I initiated a comprehensive outreach initiative aimed at improving their university experience.”

Ms. Da-Silva also co-produced an instructional video tutorial on Moodle, the University’s virtual learning environment, to help students familiarize themselves with the platform.

Dr. Yingyi Liu, a senior lecturer in psychology, praised Ms. Da-Silva, stating, “She is truly one of a kind, and we were lucky to have her.”

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