Sit-at-Home Suspension: Nnamdi Kanu’s family apologizes to IPOB

The family of the detained leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has apologised to all those who felt offended by its decision to suspend IPOB’s August 9 sit-at-home order to press home its demand for unconditional Kanu’s release.

The family, in a release by Prince Emmanuel Kanu, explained that the action, contrary to misconceptions in some quarters, was not taken to usurp the powers of IPOB or challenge the authorities of its hierarchy.

The family further dissociated itself from any monetary inducement from the government, saying that counter-order did not mean compromising the Biafra struggle.

It further sued for unity among Biafrans, while urging supporters of the struggle never to allow the issue to cause division among them.

The family also denied having been contacted by any South-East governor since their son was ‘abuducted’.

“It’s unthinkable that the Kanu family, which has sacrificed almost everything including our parents, in the cause of this struggle would ever contemplate sabotaging the same struggle for which our first son is now being illegally detained.

“It’s not in the interest of the struggle for us to allow our enemies to take advantage of this to polarise us or pitch the family against IPOB. We understand that every Biafran is concerned about the fate of our son and wants him released just as the family is also concerned.”

“It, therefore, makes no sense for us to begin to misunderstand ourselves or give our enemies the loophole to infiltrate us and ridicule our efforts. We hereby tender our unreserved apologies, and urge all Biafrans to remain united behind IPOB in this struggle.”

“We equally wish to put it on record that till date no South-East governor has contacted the family since our son was abducted and detained. It is possible the governors are still planning but none of them has reached us or even spoken with us let alone inducing us contrary to insinuations in some quarters.”

“We appreciate very profoundly all Biafrans, particularly the IPOB family members for their solidarity and unwavering support to our son.

“It’s our prayer that Biafran shall be fully restored in the shortest possible time.”

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  1. Thank you God almighty for your grace wonders and mercies on Ipob Family. Thank you God for wisdom unity grace love understanding knowledge etc given to Ipob. Ipo biiiiiiiii one family. God bless Ipob great people.

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