SNM accuses Nnamdi Kanu of Crimes against humanity

The ‘Save Nigeria Movement’ has called for a full and open trial of the Leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu over what it described as unforgivable crimes against humanity.

Convener of the group, Rev. Solomon Semaka insisted that calls for a political solution to Kanu’s trial were a plot to to rubbish president Buhari integrity and dismiss the country as a “Zoo” without strong institutions.

Rev. Semaka further reacting to such calls drew the attention of Nigerians to the atrocities caused by IPOB in the last five years , noting that such could even be classified as sabotage to Mr Presidents regime.

“If your son is desruptive in utterances and actions, chances are you are complicit” As a group we are strongly inclined to state that some Igbo leaders body language and moves is suggestive of a conspiracy especially amidst growing calls for equity and fairness among regions in the country .

“We tend to believe that some people may want to politicise the legal and legitimate trial of Nnamdi Kanu” this act in itself is unpatriotic.

The group said statistics indicate massive figures of casualties who were killed during IPOB reccuring attacks accross the south east region. With no or little control over IPOB activities , Igbo elders are expected to allow a full and fair trial of their son “I believe this is what any reasonable patriot would do”

“Over(88) people killed and scores of properties destroyed by IPOB could not be downplayed on the alter of politics” While some individuals may be part of such plea to Mr president out of fear and intimidation, the Save Nigeria Movement will always stand out to defend the rights of all Nigerians and insist on the rule of law without minding whose ox is gored”, Rev Semaka fumed.

“By this statement, the Villa and the Department of State services should take notice that any attempt to succumb to blackmail from any quarters to consider the release of Nnamdi Kanu without a full trial will be met with resistance by Nigerians.”

“We will mobilise across the length and breath of the country to “Save Nigeria” we will occupy the country if such request for a political solution is considered in breach of a full trial.”

“Enough is enough” In this country we have seen situations were petty thieves are lynched to death sometimes over false alarms, how then do we excuse the release of Nnamdi Kanu who has wrenched himself in blood of hundreds of innocent citizens?”

The group said it had called the attention of the British Government to the atrocities of IPOB in the past and expressed hope the British government was satisfied; in this regard, with the whole world watching , only a full trial could console the citizens and bring healing to the South East region.

The group appealed to security agencies to stand their ground and never be distracted in the course of protecting the country.

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  1. Semaka, nigeria govt is the biggest culprit of crime against humanity and everybody knows that. The blue print to end all the evils or at least 90% of it is separation. Everybody knows that too. Nnamdi Kanu says he want Biafra, Sunday igboho want Oodua, some say they want islamic state. Let them have it. It’s there God given right and you will see peace and progress come spontaneously.

    1. I thought you guys tagged Nigeria a ‘Zoo’? By the time MNK goes through the Nigeria courts, you will be disappointed that even in zoos, there are laws, procedures, and punishment for treasonable offense.

    2. My dear brother I thank you so much for telling the Nigeria government the truth. Nigeria leaders I want to tell you people that Nnamdi kanu is not the problem of Nigerians, problem of Nigerians is the leader, because the leaders are committing crimes, the killing that’s is going on in Nigeria ist Nnamdi Kanu who is killing them. If you Nigeria government refreuse to release Nnamdi January, you should know that the rock of GOD will never ever stop to fail of the leaders of Nigerians

  2. I am in suport of the saying “nigerian governmemt is the biggest culprit of crime against humanity in nigeria,

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