Some Valid Points Raised by Edwin Madunagu in the Nigerian Left

Madunagu, who is a journalist as well as a mathematician, has expressed his views on arguments on the Nigerian Left from Calabar, Cross River State. He has taken looked at the problems from different angles and showed his sights for a productive discussion.

According to Madunagu, the current 2019 elections in the country of Nigeria has brought about debates in the Nigerian Left. He feels that the opinions expressed by the party are not structured and on par with the current political scenario.

Hence, related to this he has pointed out three-pointers, which can be considered for the politics and history of the freedom struggle of the country. The first pointer being, “classifying political formations and politics.”

The second pointer, “transition to socialism forms,” and the third, “identifying the socialist that to in a country like Nigeria, which is capitalist.” When these three-pointers are put together, they help outsiders to understand the rules of society.

The Nigerian Left must capture these points to be able to move in the right direction. Apart from that, tactics used, building up of organizations, platforms, and alliances, are required for the building up of society.

Left is a term that found an association in the National Assembly of France in the 17th century during the revolution. It helped in bringing about necessary changes in the country. Hence, the term Leftist is found throughout the world.

Left promotes a progressive government or one that is socialist. As you can see, new terms can be brought about in the political scene for the people to be able to capture new things, which are happening. Some of these things might not have been in existence.

Through the separation of good and evil, associating the political ideologies with the required system can bring out tremendous changes. However, if the Left-Right, have to be differentiated, then it can end like how France found itself several decades ago.

Once the political system has been identified, the Left-Right political ideologies can be inter-mixed to bring about revolutionary changes. Madunagu feels that people must have the right to decide what kind of political system, will have an impact on them.

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