Subsidy removal: Nigerians suffering under your watch, Cleric tells Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other political leaders in Nigeria have been charged with practical and realistic solutions to economic measures introduced by the federal government, which were said to have caused untold hardship and harsh living conditions for Nigerians, particularly the masses.

Therefore, as a matter of urgency, the president was urged to develop policies that will cushion the adverse effects of the fuel subsidy removal as the people are suffering from hunger and afflictions across the country.

The assertion was made on Friday by a renowned and popular Prophet and Teacher of the Word of God, Prophet Abraham Adebayo, at the 2023 Kingdom Prayers and Word Conference of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC), Yandoka Road, Bauchi.

He called on Christians, irrespective of denomination, to pray for Nigeria’s leaders to initiate policies that will have a direct positive impact on the lives of Nigerians generally.

Speaking on the theme of the conference: “A Church Without Wrinkle”, the Prophet centred his message on Ephesians 5 verse 27, “That he might present to himself a glorious Church, not having a spot or wrinkles or anything, but it should be holy without blemish”.

Adebayo said: “The place of Christians in leadership should be the light and salt. The Bible states that the throne of a King is secured when the Priests around it are righteous.

“So, as a Church, our duty is to raise the standard and band of righteousness around the leadership of the country, and policies that will favour the people will come”.

“Our prayers are that leaders of this country should try and find any possible way to cushion the sufferings and affliction of the people.”

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