Supreme Court set for Showdown as 200 Lawyers Rally Behind Kano Governor, Abba Yusuf

Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State has received a major boost ahead of the Supreme Court’s judgement on his appeal, with 200 lawyers volunteering to support his legal battle.

The lawyers, under the banner of the “Abba Kabir Yusuf volunteer lawyers forum for the 19 – Northern states and Abuja”, declared their commitment to Governor Yusuf’s cause at a press briefing held at Arewa House, Kaduna, on Sunday, December 3.

Their intervention comes as Governor Yusuf faces a stiff legal challenge from the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Nasir Gawuna, over the outcome of the gubernatorial election.

Spokesman for the volunteer lawyers, Mr. Yusuf Ibrahim, expressed concern about the independence of the judiciary in Nigeria. He urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Supreme Court to uphold the rule of law and ensure that the vote of every Nigerian counts.

“We volunteer as private legal practitioners to participate in the litigation in solidarity for Gov. Yusuf at the Supreme Court of Nigeria,” Ibrahim said.

The lawyers stressed that pre-election matters should not be used to overturn the results of elections after a winner has been declared. They believe this is necessary to protect the sanctity of electoral processes.

Mr. Usman Ashafa, another member of the volunteer group, said the Appeal Court’s judgement in the case left much to be desired. “We aim to rectify these concerns in the pursuit of justice,” he added.


  1. All this propaganda will not work… Kano is for Gawuna and believe me this is what people of Kano have choose not a demolisher or so called red caps that killed innocent people in the name of protest again justice, which justice allowed killing of/ destructions of people property?

  2. In fact when I hear people talking about the judicial system of Nigeria it have never surprised me because the whole system is now collapse Nigeria has seixe to be a serious country infactif I am to talk a lots of pages will be consumed nothing serious man.

    1. In sha Allah the apex court will change the bad situation. We believe in Allah as He detest injustice, justice shall prevail in sha Allah.

    2. You said it but only time shall tell. Equity must reign and become the pillar of common men who sacrificed their comfort, time and health to stood under the sun and carried out their Constitutional rights of franchise.

    3. That’s what you guys are known for ..
      Reap from where you did not sow. Curupt entities. Using nations resources for personal gains and lavish lifestyle that you cannot afford.

    4. Allah is the greatest. You are a devil May Almighty Allah shame you in all your endeavors till you leave this world

  3. It’s a nice move, we need our mandate back because Kano people have exercise their franchise and voted for Abba kabir

  4. The judiciary is gradually assuming the position of inec this days, as most of the elections are being validated by court. Of what benefits is it to go and vote and only to be decided by few persons? It looks more like that judiciary has become a political, partisan and compromised.

  5. Only Allah can change the intention of those who want cause trouble in kano State.
    Allah yana tare da mai gaskiya.

  6. Judgement against kano governor Abba Yusuf Gidagida means President Bola Tinubu also be judged accordingly n sacked.

  7. If God permit the truth must prevail after swearing in a governor and being celebrated….we are watching and waiting for the outcome.

  8. Yes, Compatriots Nigerian stands for justice. Insha Allah, those supporting and behind injustice will be disgrace in this world and hereafter when they meet God. Hope Allah bring mischief to those supporting and plotting injustice.

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