Supreme Court throws out fresh legal action against Tinubu

The Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to remove President Bola Tinubu from office and prevent him from performing his duties.

The suit, filed by 2019 presidential candidate Ambrose Owuru, was deemed “frivolous, irritating, and baseless” by the Court.

Owuru’s lawyer, appearing for the first time in the case, admitted to knowing little about it, prompting Justice John Okoro to question his professional conduct. After a series of unanswered questions about legal procedure and hierarchy, the Court dismissed the case, warning the lawyer against such frivolous actions in the future.

Owuru, claiming victory in the 2019 election, argued that Tinubu’s inauguration was unlawful due to a pending lawsuit against the 2023 election. However, the Court pointed out that his claim of a 2019 win was unsubstantiated and irrelevant to the 2023 election.

The judge warned the lawyer who claimed to have been called to the Nigerian Bar in 2018 to stop putting his career on the line through engagement in frivolous cases.

“Don’t do this type of thing again in your own career. You may not be lucky like today if you do it again”, he said.

The Supreme Court’s decision aligns with previous dismissals of Owuru’s case by both the Federal High Court and the Court of Appeal. Both courts deemed the suit baseless and imposed fines on Owuru for abusing court processes.

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