TB Joshua: Chris Okotie is a Disgrace, has Mental Problem – Prophet Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla, the General overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja has attacked Rev. Chris Okotie over his recent video criticising and disparaging the late Prophet TB Joshua.

Iginla, in sermon on Sunday, described Okotie as a ‘disgrace to christianity’ and one suffering from a ‘Mental Problem’. Okotie drew severe criticisms last week when he called the late Joshua a ‘Magician carrying a bible’.

In footage seen by POLITICS NIGERIA, Iginla can be heard saying;

“Pastor Chris Okotie is a disgrace to the body of christ.”

“How do you talk about the dead in this manner? How? Don’t you know that those who live in Glass houses don’t throw stones at others who live in Glass houses?”

“You did politics, you failed! Ministry? You failed!”

“I have told you if you live 1000 years, you cannot stand the exploits of TB Joshua.”

“Okotie is having a Mental Problem, he needs psychiatric attention.”

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  1. Yes, Okotie is mentally ill, I use to know Chris Okotie when he was a drug addict far back early 80s,then my cousin niyi and his music partner John ( boys quarter boys ) at Ojota.

    Okotie is hooked on hard drugs,Okotie is a failure.

  2. All of you coming to attack okotie and say all kinds of abusive and disgracing words to one another online are all in the same shoes like okotie.
    Jesus never taught us to abuse, to attack or judge one another. If okotie doesn’t know this we who know should find away of doing that to correct and teach him in Christian way not by doing exactly what you accuse him off, is just like you are doing what you are nailing off,
    Rather , taught us that whosoever say raca to his brother is not worthy of the kingdom.
    And all of you are saying you are general overseer, prophets and powerful men of God,
    But come online fighting one another, is that Christianity. You all need to think about it and repent : okotie, iginla and odumeje, and learn Christ ways of handling matter especially when it comes to disagreement and controversies.
    You as Church founders are to correct yourselves in love and not fighting, even coming publicly doing show of power and superiority. Christ did not teach us that,
    Sirs, men of God if that is who you are really? You should go and settle your differences amicably and peaceably.
    A peace maker is not in any form attacking, abusive or down grading others. Pls for goodness sake let this stop is not helping the kingdom but destroying it.
    People talk bad things about Jesus, we have not finished defending Jesus, rather you are quarrelling here online because of mortal man.
    The coming of Christ is eminent, I think we should do more to spread the gospel of Christ and not to fight the body of Jesus.
    God bless our generals as they consider these and work on it.

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