Terrorists that are repentant won’t be Killed or Tried in Court – Minister

Nigeria’s Minister of Police affairs, Mohammed Dangyadi, has revealed that the Federal Government is working on accepting repentant terrorists and reintegrating them back into society.

He made this statement in a recent interview on Channels Tv’s “Politics Today”, adding that those who voluntarily surrender to the government will not be killed, maimed or tried in court.

He cited international law practice in the treatment of prisoners of war, saying though the insurgents committed crimes against humanity, “those that surrender would be received and reintegrated into the society.”

“Of course, they are criminals; they have committed atrocities, committed crimes. But, according to international law, when you surrender from war, you are not killed or maimed. You are allowed to have your say.”

According to the Dangyadi, the administration was “listening to them and seeing how we can integrate them into the larger society.”

“But the question of giving them amnesty, I don’t think that is the way to go. What we are trying to do is to get them to settle in their various communities and let them have a means of livelihood.”

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  1. Means of livelihood my foot,, ahbeg send them to firing squard I begi joh,, except you guys are aware of their killing before now.

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