“They are Criminals” – Soludo, reveals what he will do to ‘Unknown Gunmen’

The Governor of Anambra State, Charles Chukwuma Soludo has said that the ‘unknown gunmen’ terrorising the South East Region are not ‘Agitators’ but ‘Criminals’.

Soludo, during an interactive session with landlords in Onitsha on Thursday disclosed that the gunmen will soon be dealt with by his government. He added that the criminals have continued to thrive because landlords and stakeholders in the state have refused to expose them.

He admonished them to come out of hiding and embrace dialogue so the state can move forward.

He said; “Criminals kidnapping people for ransom, killings and destruction are not agitating but engaging in lucrative criminality. We know where these criminals are.

“It is better for them to repent, drop their arms and come for empowerment or else, we will come after them and when we come, no house, bush or forest inhabited by them will be spared. You cannot force people to stay at home without going to their various places of business, force our children not to go to school and call it agitation.”

“It is not agitation, but a criminal activity and very soon, all those will be addressed.”

“The task forces for the enforcement of traffic offences and stoppage of all forms of criminal activities will be established.”

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  1. Mr Governor should broker a dialogue: dig to the root causes of the violence and find a way to ameliorate the degree of insecurities in the south east. The problems need be solved amicably and not by use of force. Force upon force equals vanity- the people will suffer the more.

    1. What has his offer of peaceful resolution with amnesty achieved, nothing? Because the cannibals in biafraud land are ANIMALS that need to be dealt with such.
      The governor is just getting it that he is dealing with INHUMANS and time to get a good grip on the situation is now. NOT KID’S GLOVE approach.


    This is the time to deal with the ANIMALS, not with KID’S GLOVES. He has wasted too much time on entreaties. Should have hit the ground running with stern message hoodlums parading as agitators.


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