“They’ve abandoned us” – Police inspectors from southeast decry marginalization in promotion

A group of police inspectors from the South-East region, who were recruited into the Nigeria Police Force between October and December 2000, have raised concerns over what they perceive as marginalization in promotions within the force.

Having been promoted to the rank of Inspectors in February 2018 and subsequently confirmed in May 2020, the officers expressed dismay that their counterparts from other geopolitical zones have been elevated to the rank of Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs) in 2023. 

According to them, nother group recruited alongside them, who were promoted in 2017 and confirmed in 2019, are now slated for promotion to ASPs, while they have been left behind.

The officers questioned the rationale behind the discrepancy and appealed to the Inspector General of Police to rectify the situation. 

They emphasized the need for fairness and equal opportunities in promotions, urging that those from the Southeast region who were recruited in the same period and promoted to Inspectors in 2018 be considered for elevation to ASPs alongside their peers.

“Those of us left behind in the current exercise, but who are due for promotion are asking the offence we committed that made the police authority to abandon us.

“Those of us police Inspectors who are behind our mates are asking why the promotion discrepancy on the October to December 2000 police recruit intakes of the Southeast origin.,” the officers said in a memo to Daily Sun.

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