“Things are more difficult for People” – Abia Gov. Otti Reveals Plans to Increase Minimum Wage

Abia State Governor Alex Otti has revealed plans to increase the salaries of state workers in line with the state’s economic realities.

In a media parley with journalists on Friday night, Otti said that he is engaging with stakeholders to improve the minimum wage and that a comprehensive package will be announced soon.

The governor explained that the need to adjust the minimum wage was prompted by the recent convergence of exchange rates, the removal of fuel subsidy, and the rising inflation rate, which is heading towards 30%.

“We do understand that things are a bit more difficult for the people,” Otti said. “We are engaging with stakeholders to see how we can improve on the pay of civil servants in line with the present economic realities.”

Otti also addressed allegations that his government had inflated food expenses, calling them “unfounded” and the work of “hatchet men.”

“There is nothing like that. It is a hatchet man’s job,” Otti said. “The truth of the matter is that it is about falsehood. This is a government that is very prudent in the way it handles funds.”

On the issue of the Modern Ceramics Umuahia, Otti said that preliminary work did not support bringing the industry back to its current location.

“We are looking at moving it near to the source of raw material,” he said. “We are studying and revalidating them. We do not encourage any industry to die.”

Otti also addressed concerns about the higher number of opposition party members at the state House of Assembly.

“I do not think I will have a problem with them,” Otti said. “They are there for oversight and are supporting us.”

The governor expressed his commitment to defraying pension arrears in the state and ensuring that recently retired permanent secretaries and directors receive their arrears of salaries and gratuities.

“We are already working to see how we can improve on not just the minimum wage but also across the line,” Otti said. “An announcement to that effect will be made in due course.”

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  1. The Nigeria Government both Federal and States think of increasing wages for worker because things are hard. But what of unemployed? And who actually make things difficult for the citizens? Increase of wages is never the solution even for the workers. The more you increase wages, the more inflation.

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