“Those promising Tinubu 2023 Presidency are deceiving Him” – Adebanjo [REASONS]

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, an elder statesman and Afenifere chieftain on Thursday insisted that some power brokers in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are merely deceiving Asiwaju Bola Tinubu about handing over power to him in 2023.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Independent, Adebanjo said he is disappointed that though Tinubu rode on the back of restructuring to become governor in 1999, he has turned his back on the issue despite playing a key role in bringing the current administration to power.

” I have always said that Tinubu came to office on the basis of restructuring and till now, he has not denied it. I am not really interested in Tinubu or 2023, what is paramount to me now is restructuring”.

“Anybody promising Tinubu they will hand over to him in 2023 are just deceiving him. The man deceiving him knows that he is deceiving him”.

” Only Tinubu is stupid enough to be thinking that it will be possible for him. Let Tinubu be day-dreaming to think that he will become the President in 2023″.

“When that time comes, we shall see but my focus now is on changing the constitution and restructuring the country”.

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    1. As an elder state man sir and with due respect. I believe you should accept the fact that Asiwsju has a significant role in this present govt.so you explained why you being biased towards his ambition of becoming the next president.

      1. If you and i strongly believe today that Nigeria is corrupt
        And the corrupt man like Tinubu with catalogues of atrocities of like MURDER, LOOTING, ELECTION RIGGING, LIES, ETC,
        is the main man that is good for the job of presidency in 2023,

        That means, you yourself you are either a complete LUNATIC or Tinubu SLAVE.

      2. Thank you sir, the so called leaders are not on top of people’s problem. People have suffered and are still suffering.lt is all about me and families.

  1. True talk. Truth is always bitter. Am happy that people are on track about Tinubu fight for true federalism before now. Today, it’s a different story.

    1. Long live elder statesman..you’ve the word and thanks for delivering it without fear or favour. Like you’ve said earlier, i want to say that he (Tinubu) is the problem Nigerians are through today and because he was deceived by the caliphates in the north who promised to hand over power to him and he believed it and began to fight and suppress his own people because he was promised to become the next president he’s not even sure about.

      1. True federalism?is that the restructuring
        The elder is flexing muscle about.This happen by practice with time.

  2. That’s true. The only panacea to all our backwardness and woes is restructuring. We’re not going to tolerate all these deceitful leaders anymore.

    1. where were you when decietfill leaders won two terms consecutively? wherever you is were you will remain while they keep leading you. To restructure Nigeria is a political jagon anybody can speak but not doable. ational assembly is there and you have a representative. sponsor a bill through him for restructuring. we are in democracy. no more decree.

  3. It’s a pity if respected senior citizens who know the power to amend the constitution lies with the legislature but attacking individual who has no say. Let the National Assembly pass that restructuring bill today, the President has no choice than to sign it into law.

  4. Baba Adeyanju,you have lived your own life,pls leave Tinubu and the younger promising generation alone.

  5. I’m not surprised to hear such a statement from you Sir, but do remember that the most wicked tribe in Nigeria is Yoruba. They don’t associate with themselves when it is time for them to unite. But all we know is that leadership belongs to “Him” alone.

  6. Good talk ever reliable elder. Asiwaju Tinubu has allowed himself to be used and dumped again ..Why did Fulani not say the ills of Tinubu before the so called election?They must be told in a clear language that they can’t break the solidarity of Southerners and MiddleBeth Regions for restructuring .With this understanding our liberation is around the corner.

    1. The reality is that Tinubu performed very well as governor of lagos state and left a lasting legacy which his successors are still building on up till today. Sentiment apart, we need his golden touch to turn around things in Nigeria. Pa Adebayo should stop this hatred for Tinubu. While restructuring is good, it won’t put food on the table.

  7. Hmmm Tinubu this man is only concerned about his 2023 presidential ambition nothing else matters to him very sad

    1. Thank u my elder statesman , the truth is bitter told but the heaven rejoices when the truth is said. Tinubu should be allowed to bring out our money which he has kept for him self. Folk 2023 presidency for Tinubu

  8. Tinubu never wrote books hence he won’t be the asiwaju of Yorubas and now.What exactly was this man,s offence that so belittle his horse in the eyes of some self made yoruba leaders.If Tinubu will be anything is in the court of Nigerians not a clique of haters and people suffering the effects of the TSA syndrome .Tinubu is only 67 and by the Grace of his creator will be what he is destined to be.Aiye lati ba ote.

  9. A change of Constitution with a clear focus on restructuring the State called Nigeria is the way forward . I totally Support Pa Adebanjo.

  10. With all due respect sir, bola Tinubu’s relevancy in nigeria politically system from the beginning of 4th republic can never be compared with anyone. So if you can convince nigerains Beyond that reasonable doubt BHT IS NOT worthy may be we might not support him.

  11. I believe that until Africa define what the true meaning of democracy is to them and Nigeria leading the struggle then we can move forward by riding on the winds of restructuring of our continent more especially nigeria at large by a through leader with political ideology

  12. Honestly I don’t like this baba adebanjo for anything but am supporting him 100% insah Allah tinubu we not be Nigeria president no matter any propaganda money he spent he will not be because it 100%corrupt

  13. The truth is better. But my prayer is that, it will not be too late before Asiwaju will realized that. Even if that is about to happen, his kinsmen will definitely work against him for certain reasons. All that is expected of him now is to team up with other nationals and fight for restructuring which I believe, if materialized, will make him like an indelible ink in the hearts of his people and the progressives. “This people” will not open their eyes and allow power to come back to South come 2023. They will prefer to die rather than seeing power coming back to South. It is better for him to join forces to make Nigeria a better place. Thanks.

  14. How can we restructure without amending our constitution? It’s worrisome to hear ” Yorubas with vapour grenades” firing at Tinubu at this stage. Learn from your past , self destructive, and spirit of vendata setting you apart at all time. ‘ODUDUWA’ is about love and collectivist, a warning to some of our Yoruba Elder.

  15. Baba Adebanjo has always maintain the same say about reconstruction and reconciliation to move Nigeria forward decades after decades, if Tinubu becomes president what then happens to Yemi Osibajo come 2023.

  16. PDP RULE these country for 16th years under OBASANJO &JONATHAN both of them were from South, they control both SENATE &EXECUTIVE they have all POLITICAL power to restructure or to change the constitution, approaching 2019 election they brought politics of RESTRUCTURING now another government is in place. APC ìs in control, PDP is minority, let the PDP SENATOR sponsored the bills. Let see what will come up.

  17. When I will disagree with Mr Adeyanjo on premises of restructuring I will agree with him on Mr Tinubu becoming president 2023 unless Apc wanted to forget presidency 2023
    It is obvious that In southwest Nigeria he came from he can’t defeat PDP with margins more than 5% vote from his southwest while south east and south south still go for PDP with 80% margins
    looking at North Buhari influence migt not be there to rescue Apc with expected margins, while North Central and North east may give Victoria for Pdp
    If PDP president come from North then Apc is gone finally even before election. The only solution is for APC to puck from North too
    The highest position South East should be dreaming now. should be Vice president and that place them well in Nearest future as president
    This is base on my position from experience as politician and political consultant

  18. Anybody is entitled to his or her opinion. Baba adebanjo cannot speak for yoruba tribe let alone Nigeria. Probably Tinubu Ahmed and adebanjo belong to different cacus

  19. I totally agree with Elder Adebanjo on this particular point. Unfortunately, what Tinubu is doing right now is not only a crass opportunism, but smacks of political naivete. Like they say, time shall tell.

  20. Baba Adebanjo is an inconsequential politician of note. Baba rode on the popularity of Baba Awo, Adesanya and co but refused to emulate them.
    Where was Baba Adebanjo when Tinubu fought Obj and PDP in 2003 to reclaim the stolen electoral mandate of that period this was despite the fact that Tinubu told the then Afenifebi not to form any political alliance with Obj but reverse is the case.
    This now castigated Tinubu fought the political hawks to reclaim the southwest from the political traders. We pray and wish Baba Adebanjo live long to witness transformation of Tinubu as the next Nigeria President if God wishes it to be so.
    The so called nonentities supporting you against Tinubu have nothing to loose because of disdain hatred for Yoruba and Nigeria in particular. Check through their names and the particular tribe they belong to, they have no respect for their parents talk less of their elders. A case in point is what happened in Germany recently.
    Be wise Baba, Tinubu political relevance has transpired beyond Southwest.

    1. Tinubu will never be president of Nigeria. His party is in total decline. The don’t have much of the state to win a general election. Its good for him to spend some of those stolen money before he comes we one to the realisation of that.

  21. Tunubu u still want to turn nigerians into ur erran of god fatherism and dictatorship. Using tax payers money for your luxurious life style. You HV turned 68 years now,yet your mentality of being the next president of this country has not been disenrolled from your memory. With God as God tunubu you will never sit there. You will end up sharing the money you stole while you were in office as governor ,you will suffer set back ,God will begin to remove heartless Nigerians from sit soon which I know God in his mercies have come to redeem our people from punishment .we shall celebrate our leaders who are heartless and sturborn in grave yards from today God will wipe the tears of the poor masses as tinubu will loose many election. He can never gain access into aso rock God forbid him he’s a heartless politician

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