“Tinubu presidency will not stand” – Popular pastor declares [VIDEO]

A US-based Nigerian cleric, Apostle Chika Onuzo, has decreed that “the Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidency will not stand”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that speaking during a recent church service, the preacher prayed for “a mighty wave of opposition” to emerge.

He claimed that Tinubu, the president-elect, is not God’s chosen.

“The Tinubu presidency in Nigeria, we decree from this altar that that result will not stand,” Onuzo said.

“We decree that You will raise up a mighty wave of opposition, a mighty wave of resistance, until that election is cancelled.

“I decree a revolt in the name of Jesus. And the clear winner You have chosen will appear – in Jesus name. I decree in a few years Nigeria will be a place for even Americans for vacation.”

Watch the video here.

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  1. This is expected and therefore no longer a news. Other irresponsible Pastors have said similar things and some of them even told us there would be no election. All responsible christians know God did not send you. I dont even know why some people still go to their churches. If it is because of prosperity they preach, have they forgotten the promise of God that He will provide for our needs. Please let Christians beware of pastors they follow. The chief job of pastors is to preach repentance after which comes forgiveness of sins through Jesus. Thereafter, we became a new creature whose main purpose is to serve God by submitting our body and all our means to him . Most of the Pastors we have now are faķe Pastors and this one and others like him are nothing but fake Pastor trying to force their evil prophesy to happen. But that is not the will of God. The will of God is for our country to prosper and has chosen Tinubu to lead the country at this crucial time. I know they are blind and perhaps mad. Their obstinacy can only lead them into the path of destruction. So Obi should be careful not to burn his popularity as he cannot win the presidency on ethnic or religion platform. Your Igbos votes alone cannot make you a president.

  2. but tinubu knows about agberos and the useless thugs ,disturbing the peace of a common man everywhere in lagos especially

  3. If your prayer can not stopping him from becoming president elect, how will it stop him from been inaugurated as Nigerian president come May 29, 2023.


  4. Hi ! Folks u also could see d traces of ”Sentiment, and Hypocrysm, and Tribalism” in d words of ”Pastor Onuso” for how long we ”ll be in this ”Darkness” d darkness we ‘ve been since 60s, when ”Zik was president and Ironsi as Military head state, no one fumed nothing, but now ‘s turn for another tribe, u people now waging ”Vengeance, Hypocrysm, Bitterness” ‘s only God can save this country, look Pastor all this ya Curse ‘s damn empty, I want people to remember one thing ”Everything in Life has Time and Season” when God says ‘s time no one can stop it, if one likes,he should go to Seven heaven, ‘s Vanity upon Vanity” take it or leave, I paused I ‘ll soon be back………….

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